Green rhetoric using the example of Hofreiter: narcissistic, aggressive, unrealistic

By Tom J Wellbrock

The medical layman has been wondering almost continuously for months. He wonders what’s going on with politicians, why they are gradually driving the country’s economic decline without showing the slightest hint of insight. There are numerous explanations, ranging to the obvious view that the USA is doing everything it can to stir up resentment between Russia and Germany. This is not new, the idea was already put forward in 1997 by Zbigniew Brzeziński, the former United States National Security Advisor:

“Without Ukraine, Russia is not a great power.”

Brzeziński also got much more specific, stating that some kind of “dismemberment” of Russia is the best way to weaken the country:

“It (Russia) would then consist of a loose confederation of European Russia, the Siberian Republic and the Far Eastern Republic, which individually would find it much easier to forge close economic ties with Europe, the new Central Asian states and the East. An integration of Russia into however, the expanded world order of the West is impossible.”

Much earlier, shortly after the end of World War II, Allen Dulles, then Director of the CIA, had put it less subtly:

The war will end, everything will calm down and pass away, and we will throw everything we have, all the gold, all the material power to deceive and deceive people. We will find our like-minded people, our allies, in Russia itself. Episode after episode will unfold the grandiose tragedy of the death of the most recalcitrant people on earth, the final and inevitable annihilation of their self-esteem.”

But what does all of this have to do with Anton Hofreiter? Well, Court Rider feels the same way, but the reasons for his stance are particularly dangerous.

It’s narcissistic, but…

Hofreiter has narcissistic traits, he himself admitted in a conversation at an event of the mirror 2017 a. But, as he joked at the time, he only combines the positive traits of the narcissist. So all in butter.

It’s not that funny, though, and once we look at a definition of narcissism from Wikipedia, the seriousness of the matter becomes clearer:

The term narcissism (from ancient Greek Νάρκισσος) stands in everyday psychology and colloquially in the broadest sense for the self-love and self-admiration of a person who considers himself more important and valuable than judging observers characterize him.”

Let’s now put this definition in relation to current politics, which has to deal with the question of how to act in the most sensible way. In a volatile situation like this, narcissism is the last thing you need. Rather, it is about pragmatism, solutions and taking back one’s own person. None of this can be seen in Hofreiter (we don’t even want to talk about Baerbock and Habeck!). On the contrary, he shows himself to be self-absorbed, self-confident and unable to see the consequences of his political position. This is typical of a narcissist.

The conversation of a psychotherapist who asked a narcissistic personality at the first session where she saw her problem is transmitted. Her answer was significant:

Why problem? I don’t have a problem, the people I deal with every day are the problem.”

Hofreiter could not have said it more aptly. Significant was his appearance in “The Right Questions”, a format of pictureat which Oskar Lafontaine (Die Linke) was also present.

Lafontaine predicted to Hofreiter that the country’s social (and economic) peace is in serious jeopardy if steps are not taken now to ensure affordable energy for all. Lafontaine is no longer alone with this diagnosis. Businesses and people are gradually realizing that we are headed for a situation that will result in the destruction of many businesses and prosperity if immediate action is not taken.

The presenter and the other two guests also shared Lafontaine’s concern and made it clear how much is at stake here. Hofreiter’s argument, on the other hand, was a textbook example of narcissism, everything revolves around his (from his point of view) correct position, and he repeatedly dismissed all criticisms as “nonsense”. In response to Lafontaine’s suggestion that people need affordable energy, Hofreiter shot out:

I think if you asked people, ‘Do you really want cheap natural gas to have children raped in Ukraine… people would say no.'”

Apart from the fact that such a question would be avoided at all costs even in the most tendentious survey institutes, it tells a lot about the personality of Anton Hofreiter. And this is where it gets dangerous.

Because you have to assume that Hofreiter, with his narcissistic qualities, really believes what he says. In his mind, there are probably countless rapes of children by the Russians in Ukraine every day. It would be bad enough if Hofreiter argued like that out of pure propaganda. But if he himself believes in the truthfulness of this unrealistic and altogether stupid statement, that explains a lot. For example, that he completely unthinkingly believes everything that official bodies from Ukraine circulate. It fits with his narcissistic worldview and can therefore only be the truth.


When Anton Hofreiter is mentioned here, he represents all those who currently have political responsibility. They are guided by worldviews that completely ignore the reality of the population. They are dominated by aggressiveness, a willingness to escalate and a complete lack of diplomacy (which, particularly in the case of the foreign minister, can only be described as a catastrophe).

Naturally, narcissism also includes a high degree of egotism and a lack of empathy, which is reflected in the willingness to jeopardize or sacrifice the country’s economic and social foundations without worry. None of these ladies and gentlemen think about taking the oath of office, for the simple reason that it simply plays no role in the world of experience of the politicians concerned. It is perceived as unrelated to one’s behavior, disconnected from it, and meaningless.

A federal government that ignores the interests of the population (and also the interests and needs of other countries) to this extent cannot hold out in the long run; it is simply doomed to failure.

A federal government with the style we are experiencing is unacceptable and should be voted out of office as soon as possible. It would be the calmer way to end the destructive madness. On the other hand, if she keeps up what she’s doing, the fall will be hotter than some can imagine. Because every willingness to suffer (even that of the Germans) has a limit, where Hofreiter and his comrades-in-arms can turn themselves upside down.

Too bad that the narcissist is not able to recognize these simple connections.

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Source: RT

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