Five health problems to ask for if you like to cross your leg

Cross-legged sitting is a practice that affects many women. This position quickly becomes a habit, and over time we sit down involuntarily. It turns out, however, that something as trivial as the aforementioned cross-legging while sitting can have health implications.

The position in which we sit is of great importance. It is not difficult to obtain warnings against slouching while sitting, as well as adopting the wrong postures, with which we work on the curvature of the spine. You should also add sitting with your leg crossed to the pool of risky positions.

This way of sitting down is primarily comfortable, and therefore most often chosen subconsciously. Regardless of the motivation, it must be admitted that there is no shortage of lovers of crossing a leg on a leg. Interestingly, this position can do more harm than good over time. Why is it not worth sitting down with your leg crossed? There are several arguments.

Five health problems to ask for if you like to cross your leg

Muscle pain

Sitting with one leg on the leg causes excessive tension of some muscles and shortening of others, which after a few hours may cause pain.

Pressure on nerves

There may also be pressure on the nerves, causing pain to radiate to the buttocks and legs on one side of the body. There may also be a nagging sensation of tingling and numbness in the limbs.

The risk of varicose veins

Sitting with your leg crossed causes pressure on the blood vessels in the lower leg. When some vessels are compressed, more blood flows with the other, which can weaken and damage them. The greater volume of blood in the vessels increases the risk of the problem of varicose veins.

Risk of developing venous thrombosis

People at risk of the formation of dangerous blood clots should not keep their legs crossed for a long time. This immobilization and restriction of blood flow in the legs can contribute to the development of deep vein thrombosis.

Back problems

The curvature of the pelvis, which provokes the lifting and crossing of one leg, leads to the elevation of one hip joint relative to the other, and the spine twists. This results in excessive strain on both the joints and the spine, which after a few years of such a habit can lead to disc prolapse, the appearance of scoliosis and the permanent habit of slouching.

In order to take care of the health of the spine, good condition of muscles and blood vessels when working while sitting, it is worth taking care not only of a comfortable armchair or correct posture, but also to use the breaks wisely. It is worthwhile to sit down from time to time to perform simple exercises, such as: circulating joints, or getting up from the desk and taking a walk, stretching the muscles and stimulating blood circulation in the blood vessels. If there is no such possibility, it will always make a difference to change the position of the chair frequently, so as not to sit motionless for more than 15 minutes. First of all, it is worth trying to limit the crossing of legs in order to take care of healthy limbs as well as possible.

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