DS makes its DS7, a premium compact SUV, even more luxurious and technological

The French brand DS launches a new DS7, which is no longer called Crossback like its predecessor, in which it brings many changes and a top-of-the-range version with 360 hp and 4×4 drive that we have been able to drive in Nice.

ds is the french brand of the Stellantis group that represents luxury in the automotive world, a brand that seeks to compete with German or Japanese manufacturers. To do this, provide a advanced technology and great ride comfort, but as a differentiating touch it adds French luxury, with great perceived quality and the maximum care for every detail.

The brand was created in 2014, but it was in 2017 when its first exclusive model arrived, the DS7 Crossback, a model available, then, with diesel and gasoline versions, as well as plug-in hybrid variants. He later launched the DS3 Crossback as its access model and the DS9 that represents the luxury saloon for the brand. The last to arrive in its range has been the DS4, a spectacular compact model.

Five years

After five years on the market, the brand is already consolidated as a alternative to german luxury in the automotive sector. In fact, it is already a alternative for many European customers who want something different and stylish.

The key to all DS models, and also to this DS7, is its very careful finish down to the smallest detail.

Now comes the new DS7, which already abandons the “surname” Crossback to be just ds7. This new model is an evolution of the 2017 model, with a renewed aesthetic, especially in its front and rear. Also in its interior we find changes, standing out in its beautiful and elegant dashboard a new center screen. It is long, 12 inches and provides a lot of information.

Like its predecessor, it is a vehicle with lots of built-in technology in your equipment. It has some elements that only German rivals offer in their higher ranges. Topics like predictive sleepwhich adapts at all times to the state of the road, or the night visionamong many other technologies. Its lighting system also uses the most advanced technology and the set of driving assistance systems, the ADAS, provide a very safe behavior at all times.

New top of the range

But without a doubt the most important changes are found in its mechanics. The new DS premium SUV is only offered with an access diesel mechanic, with the well-known 130 hp BlueHDi, or with plug-in hybrid mechanics. In this sense, there are three variants available since its launch.

The main novelties in the DS7 range are that the 130 hp diesel is maintained and the new variant of 360 hp and 4×4 drive.

the access, front wheel drive, and two options with 4×4 drive,. respectively with 300 CV or 360 horses. The latter, together with the elimination of the gasoline variants without hybridization available until now, are the main novelties in the range of the new DS7.

This top-of-the-range version is the one we have tested on the roads of the French Côte d’Azur. the car moves with great agility, it has plenty of power, and allows a good dynamism also on twisty roads. The driver can choose between five driving modes4WD, hybrid, Sport, Comfort or electric, depending on the moment and the type of road.

The New DS 7 range is offered with up to five trim levels with well-differentiated lines, but always marked by class and the utmost care for detail. On one hand the more luxurious versions, with the endings Bastille, Rivoli and Opera. On the other hand, the two options sportier approach. These are the Performance Line and Performance Line + variants.

Leather, wood, very good materials and a handcrafted finish to position DS at a high level of quality.

The finishes of this new DS7 gain additional standard equipment with respect to its predecessor. In addition, the offer has been organized with a simplification in the number of options. The brand has developed a limited series for the arrival of this model, called La Première.

This version, as its name suggests, will be the first to reach the market and will allow customers who have requested one of these units to enjoy the vehicle before the others. This DS7 La Premiere It will only be available with the most powerful engine, 360 hp, the most advanced with 4×4 traction and plug-in hybrid technology.

full range

Since its launch, four engines have been available for the DS7, an access diesel variant and three other plug-in hybrids with technology E-Tense and “0 emissions” label.

The DS brand has already been created with electrification as one of the key points in its DNA. Hence the new model is no longer offered with regular petrol versions, and all three options are plug-in hybrids. The brand’s commitment is that the successor to this DS7 will only be 100% electric.

This 360 4×4 variant features a 15mm lower body, wider rear tracks and more dynamic exterior styling.

The DS7 uses the EMP2 platform. Originally intended for diesel, gasoline and plug-in hybrid versions, but with the latest evolution of this platform there may now also be 100% electric versions completing the range. is what has happened with the Peugeot 308.

there will be no electric

However, I have been assured that this generation of the DS7 will not have this electric variant. The reason is that DS brand cars include a number of modifications to the EMP2 platform to provide, among other things, better comfort. Well, for the next few years and with the volume of sales of the model, it was not interesting to make a variant of this type

In addition to the three plug-in hybrid variants, a diesel engine is also included in the range of this premium SUV. This is because, according to what we consulted with the brand’s experts, there are still several markets, including Spain and Italy, where the diesel car is still well accepted.

eight gears

The new DS 7 therefore has a two-wheel drive version with 225 hp, a four-wheel drive version with 300 hp and a top-of-the-range variant, as well. four wheel drive of 360 CV, the one that we have driven in this contact. In electric mode it allows to do up to 63km according to the approved values ​​thanks to its 14 kWh battery.

A version characterized by the grand touring spirit of the great road vehicles of the last century, but adapted to the concept that is most sought after in the market, that of the SUV. This 360 version has been a specific development carried out by the brand competition department, DSPerformance. The chassis is lowered by 15mm, the tracks are widened (+24mm at the front, +10mm at the rear) and the front brakes increase their surface area to 380mm in diameter. And includes four piston calipers signed as DS Performance. With this, this version becomes not only the most luxurious, but also the most dynamic of the new DS7 family.

three engines

This top-of-the-range variant has a 200 horsepower gasoline and two electric motors on the front and rear axles, with 110 and 113 hp respectively. Thanks to this, it provides four-wheel drive without the need for a complex transmission system. And therefore his weight remains at 1,885 kg, A very low figure for what the vehicle is and despite the fact that it incorporates a 14 kWh battery.

In the case of the DS 7 E-Tense 300 4×4, it uses the same combination of engines, but its combined power is 300 hp. And it also has electric 4×4 traction. This version can circulate in 100% mode electric up to 135 km/h and its approved autonomy reaches up to 81 km in urban use.

As for the hybrid access variant, the 225 hp version combines a 180 hp gasoline engine and a 110 hp electric motor on the front axle. In this case, the autonomy combined cycle is 65 km and up to 82 km in the city.

In some markets, such as Spanish, there is also a diesel variant. It uses the well-known BlueHDi 149 engine associated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, like the rest of the range. A consumption of 5.8 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions of 149 g/km are announced.

These are the recommended prices for the new DS7 for the Spanish market:

DS 7 BlueHDi 130 Automatic Bastille: 42,800 euros.

DS 7 E-TENSE 225 Performance line: 52,600 euros.

DS 7 E-TENSE 300 4×4 Rivolin: 60,500 euros.

DS 7 E-TENSE 360 4×4 La Premiere. €75,250.

Source: www.eleconomista.es

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