Do you love scented candles?  Avoid these - they can be harmful to your health

On Friday, September 23, we will have the autumn equinox. This is an official signal that it is time to replace summer dresses with thick sweaters – but if the calendar was not enough, many Polish cities started the heating season extremely early. Some of us love to make the gloomy aura outside the window more pleasant with candles with fanciful scents and colors. After all, they look so nice and smell like raspberry panna cotta, spruce forest, pumpkin spice latte and whatever we dream of. But are they really healthy for us?

Although the issue of the harmfulness of scented candles is raised in the media from time to time, this time she commented on it chemist Sylwia Panek – in social media creating under the nickname @ mama.chemist.

“Are scented candles healthy for us?”

“Try to remember if you ever get headaches after being in the room where you are scented candles were burning? Or maybe when you visit the graves on November 1, you get hoarse, shortness of breath, cough or simply feel bad there? “- he begins his entry.

“If it does, it doesn’t surprise me at all” – he says, citing at the same time the story of one of his observers who gave up using scented candles at home after bought an air purifier that treated their smoke as much as pollutants.

The educator was not surprised by this:

“Most of the candles available at retail stores are paraffin candles (paraffin is obtained from crude oil). It burns to release substances into the air that pollute it, among other things toluene and bezen“- he describes.” The added ones also burn fragrances (usually synthetic), dyes and a wickwhich is ok if it is cotton, but there are also wicks with a core in which there are harmful metals, such as lead or tin” – explain.

The chemist specifically warns against buying candles of unknown origin, e.g. from Chinese websites.

“I remind you that by ordering straight home from China, you bypass any product checks, so this one may not meet our European safety standards, “she points out.

Which scented candles are safe?

Does this mean that in order to take care of our health, we must give up burning any candles? Fortunately, not necessarily. Sylwia Panek offers several alternatives and answers the question about safe products.

“The safest of all they are beeswax candles, which, according to some sources, work just the opposite, because they clean the air “- he lists.

“Second in line, in my opinion, will be soy candles. The best ones, of course, are soy candles without additives, but if you absolutely need a fragrance product, in my opinion, it is best to choose those with essential oils” – he notes, also appealing to use common sense when burning candles , without exaggerating with their quantity.

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