Chile is experiencing key moments in the world of gambling: they seek to close casinos without a license

Chile is one of the countries that is going through an important moment regarding the issue of its laws on games of chance. That is why since last month a formal request has been received to accelerate the discussion of the legal modification that would allow the municipalities to have better tools to control and close the illegal casinos that have appeared in different parts of the country.

Not surprisingly, the country’s agenda is quite busy in terms of this issue and it cannot be doubted that Chile is one of the countries that has had the greatest growth in terms of online casinos, in addition to having a important legislation regarding the issue of physical establishments.

“In accordance with the provisions of number 6 of article 244 of the Regulations of the Chamber of Deputies, I am writing to you to respectfully request that you provide that the Bill that modifies Decree Law No. 3,063, on municipal revenues, in terms of patents to operate skill or entertainment machines, be discussed and voted preferably in this Commission, in which the initiative is located, in the second constitutional process, for the reasons that I explain below”, can be read in the text that Frank Sauerbaum sent to the president of the Internal Government commission, Marta González, regarding the issue of the closure of unlicensed casinos.

The legislator stated that the bill addresses a very important issue, the regulation of illegal casinos, those commercial establishments that operate gaming machines without having a formal casino license.

“For many years now, these establishments have represented an activity with a negative social impact, since in most cases they are outside the formal regulation and control of the authority; As for, to date, the use of many of these machines is officially prohibited for being games of chance, but informally tolerated as it is covered up with other mechanisms of supposed skill or entertainment”, said the deputy in a chat with the specialized newspaper Yogonet.

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“These establishments produce the same effect of gambling addiction and waste of resources in many people, which affects families, children and adolescents whose parents engage in these behaviors, and people who, for various reasons, cannot reasonably access to these recreational activities, losing their income in a scenario of economic crisis and cost of living for most households in the country”, he added.

In the online theme there are also news

It is not all that is experienced in terms of casinos in the country, the world of online games is also in important moments, especially knowing that they are looking for online casino regulations to advance more than what has been achieved. in recent months, in order to have a regulation that allows Chileans to play on the best websites in the country with the peace of mind that their money and personal data will always be safe.

For its part, regarding the issue of online betting houses, there are at least four operators that approve the bill that has been proposed to create a regulatory framework for the sector, although they warned that some tax aspects should be improved.

“We want a regulation now. All this discussion and points that are in some way being questioned are resolved through good regulation, and we believe that the Government’s project is indeed a good project, that it is duly prepared and contains all the necessary elements and we are going to push so that that project becomes law”, expressed the lawyer of the operators in a chat with El Mercurio.

Undoubtedly, Chile is one of the countries that has worked the most in all aspects so that its regulation of games of chance and everything related to the same issue can have legality and security for all the country’s inhabitants.

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