• At 57 years old, Belén Rueda speaks exclusively to us about the harshness she has seen from the film industry towards women

  • The actress considers that we live in a society that, for years, has treated and continues to treat women differently than men due to age

  • Are you considering retirement? His opinion on whether, in his profession, “a timely withdrawal is a victory”

Bethlehem Wheel considers that the film industry has been “very harsh” with women “because of their age”. But he also believes that can change. to their 57 yearsthe interpreter has lived through a generation in which many colleagues, not only Spanish, said that when you turned 40 “no interesting character came to you anymore”. “But the complaint is of no use to you. Many of them have taken their own projects and have said: ‘Look at how interesting the vision of a 50-year-old woman is,'” she says in this exclusive interview.

Personally, she has not felt that way, but she has seen how her companions have been “judged.” “On top of that, to many actors with the same age, and being physically but that they, yes, they still had them,” she denounces about how the distribution of roles in the film industry has been for years according to age and sex. Belén Rueda has been blunt in ensuring that We are in a society in which “if in a couple you are an older man with a young woman, it seems normal to you, if it is the other way around, you are the head of the magazines”. But the solution for her is clear, women “cannot give it so much importance and must continue working on their own projects.”

I have no intention of quitting or retiring, I hope I never have to quit

The “obsession” of Belén Rueda in her work as an actress

Belén Rueda considers herself an “obsessive” person before getting in front of the camera. When she receives a new character to play, she likes to document herself “in a wild way”, but later, when the moment of truth arrives, she prefers “freedom”. “I think it was Dalí who said that you have to learn technique and then forget it. I think that happens to me a bit at work. ‘Before’ I am a bit obsessive, but then I let myself flow because that information is inside me naturally“, explains how he faces his day to day after more than thirty years in the world of interpretation.

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The actress considers that, in acting, that “a withdrawal on time is a victory” is “a double-edged sword”. Just as there are many artists who assure that they will give their last concert and that is the one that never comes, doctors, actors and all those who work “by vocation” never want to leave their jobs. “At the moment, I have no intention of leaving or retiring. I also believe that our profession allows you to work until very old. Perhaps a little less because it is true that over the years you want a little more time for yourself, but hopefully I never have to leave it, “he says about his professional future.

Belén Rueda, in this exclusive meeting, has also told how her experience has been after have surgery for presbyopia at Babiera Clinic, a diagnosis that came to him at the age of 45 and that prevented him from continuing with his normal day-to-day life. The actress assures that at first she finds “that thing about the glasses” funny, but later you realize how uncomfortable it is to have to use them for more things. “The truth is that it takes away your quality of life because, for example, I’m shooting and the director calls me and I couldn’t see well on the monitor. I asked anyone for my glasses. If you leave home without your glasses, you come back again and you’re already late. There are things you stop doing because you don’t see well, you don’t realize it and you adapt. It’s true that, once you have surgery, you pick up things that you didn’t allow yourself to do before,” he acknowledged.

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