Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka: Each subsequent child is a crisis for the relationship

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka and her husband, Michał Niemczycki, say that parenting is their hobby. They raise four children – Ksawery, Janina, Antoni and the youngest Stefan. The whole family travels everywhere. “When we enter a restaurant, for example, we always use a firecracker, because with four children and a dog” – laughs Ania. However, she adds that it is not always easy and that a large family is also a big challenge. She admits that there are crises, but fortunately she and her husband already know that the hard moments finally pass. Czartoryska-Niemczycka tells us about how she deals with four children, how to combine motherhood with a career, aristocratic origins and rumors about herself in the podcast “Yes, we have!” Below are some excerpts from our conversation.

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Below are some quotes from the new episode podcast “Yes, we have!”:

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka on childbirths

“The first time I was shocked because I had never been to the hospital before. The hardest part for me was that I was a convalescent myself, and I had to look after this baby right away. I was convinced that some special police would come soon and take this child from me (laughs). I was sure that I was doing everything wrong, that I did not understand anything, I called the midwife 40 times a day with a million questions. I remember it was difficult. I thought that I would just feed the baby and go away or leave it with someone. And after a week I realized that I was physically and mentally connected with my child, that I would not go anywhere. My next births were much lighter, and I was able to get up and function much faster. Today I think the most important thing is the feeling and knowing that it all passes. “

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka about caring for four children

“With the fourth child, we had all our hands on the deck. Grandparents, nannies, we had a full cabin and lots of people to help. With so many children, you just don’t have control over everything and you have to give it up somewhere. big problem, because I manage everything and I like to have everything taken care of, but it slips out somewhere and it just has to be like that. “

“Fortunately, we have fantastic grandparents who are fearless and ready to take even three of our children for the weekend. It is an amazing luxury for us. Of course, now, even when three children go to their grandparents, we stay with the baby and the dog (laughs). We are already lazy and we go for a long walk. You have different expectations when you have your first child and you have different expectations when you have four (laughs). And for us now it’s fun when we order our own food and start the show. “

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka about what luxury means to her

“For me, a luxury is a holiday by the lake, where there is a grassy shore, shallow warm water, a relatively closed space, so that I have an eye on the kids and it’s not too hot. That’s why we don’t really go far, to some exotic places, we just keep in Europe, where the temperature is around 25 degrees. We also go on vacation to Jurata, to the Bryza hotel, which belongs to my in-laws, so we are almost at home there. It is also a luxury for us that we do not have to clean, cook and are there practically right on the beach. We also spent the pandemic there, the sharpest lockdown. “

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka on the challenges of motherhood

“When I was recording the program” Your Face Sounds Familiar “, I said: please don’t” princess “, no talking about being a princess, and no” mumming “! And during this whole show I was never asked about children. program, I had a 6-year-old child at home and I did not say it once. I was pretending all the time that it was great, that I could understand that everything was closed here and it did not bother me at all. “

I think today I would be more honest about the fact that it is difficult for me, that if the photos are longer and I do not say “good night” to my son, it is a problem for me and I feel sad about it. I remember that I thought it was unfair that my colleagues said: I have a performance today, so I have to go out earlier, and the fact that I have an evening bath is not as important.

“Michał and I are sometimes tired, exhausted, pissed off, sometimes we have enough. Kids can sometimes give us a hard time! But it is really fun.”

“Each new child is a crisis for the relationship. We have also experienced it. But it is easier for us because we know that all these crises pass.”

“I remember walking my screaming three-year-old to the nursery. I think I left him in his pajamas at all. I remember that it was just a nightmare in the morning to let him down there. In the end, I almost tore my son away, handed him over to the lady, and then sat down. in the car and I felt relieved that I had given my child to someone else. And then I cried out of remorse that I felt this relief (laughs). “

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka on rumors about herself

“The term” millionaire’s wife “? I guess I got used to it. It used to piss me off and hurt me a lot. That’s why I have withdrawn a bit from this media and I’m glad that there are social media that allow me to show myself as I am. I also stopped being so attached to what the tabloids write, because I think they create a story for their own needs. With the help of social media I can deny everything and show how it really is. “

“It is true that when Michał and I met, our parents were present at this party. When I met him, I was very careful, because I had gone through some trials. I was also careful about calling him by his name. But in fact, things turned out. quickly. My first thought when I saw Michał was: oh tall, okay, I’ll talk to him for five minutes and I’m going to look for my friends (laughs). And we talked all night! to talk, but each time we found each other again. And then the whole relationship developed in a very open, trusting way. There were no games, no understatements. We felt that this was it. Maybe we were afraid to call it then, but it was already known that something was going on (laughs). We got engaged exactly a year from the day we met. “

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