Andrey Kobelev: Karasev missed a couple of obvious fouls near the Zenit penalty area

The former midfielder of Dynamo and Zenit summed up the results of the match in Petrovsky Park and appreciated the refereeing.

– Zenit was stronger in all respects, without straining and giving all the best to one hundred percent. To be honest, I thought that Dynamo would be more aggressive, which we saw at the beginning of the second half. The team got together, turned on the speed and it seemed that it would be possible to cling to their game and points. But after the removal, everything became clear …

– Was it unexpected that the Blue-and-Whites could not oppose anything to Zenit?

– Still, there was a big rotation in the team compared to last season. Moreover, very important positions, and very important players left from my point of view: these are two central midfielders and two central defenders. Therefore, in order for the team to understand the strategy of the game and the new head coach, some time is needed. We have seen good segments of the season by half, as, for example, in Nizhny Novgorod or Voronezh, but also, accordingly, bad halves. It should be noted that football has changed, it has become less aggressive, there is less pressure than it was under Schwartz. To begin with, I would like to see how the team will act after a long break.

– Didn’t it feel like Zenit, after scoring, controlled everything and could add at any moment?

– This is how the guests behaved like this even before the first goal scored: they were in no hurry and did not turn on the speed. It was noticeable that with any development of events, Zenit could turn on additional capacities. Plus, the team has a qualified bench.

Was the removal fair?

– I think yes. Still, the violation was near the penalty area, where the attacker was trying to break into the opponent. Of course, this is an individual mistake of the defender. In this situation, if you do not have time to play ahead of the game, then you should not touch the player.

– How did you react to the fact that some Dynamo players accused the referee after the match?

– I would like to note that Karasev missed a couple of obvious fouls near the Zenit penalty area. Two fouls on Zakharyan and Makarov were obvious. I don’t know why neither the chief referee nor the assistant responded to them.

Source: Sovsport

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