Add it to your hair conditioner to make it shiny and smooth.  Works wonders

There are many ways to take care of your hair. It is difficult to count the suggestions of ready-made masks or masks that are to help with this, and we also have home remedies that are also great for hair care.

To keep your hair healthy, smooth and shiny, it’s not enough just to want it. The basis here is proper care and protection of the strands against harmful factors, such as: using a curling iron or straightener without heat-protective preparations, or tightly tying them in one place with an elastic band. It is easy to damage hair, but it is much harder to restore it to health. In order to protect yourself from problems, it is enough to choose cosmetics wisely and use home remedies that do not fail. One of them is adding a certain product to the hair mask that changes its appearance after washing. What is it about?

It gives the hair delicacy and shine. You have her in your kitchen

Of course, it is about potato flour, which has a positive effect on the hair after washing. You can see the difference with the naked eye, and it is no wonder that many people decide to try this method on their own head.

Potato flour is one of the most common products in the kitchen, which is obtained from potato tubers. It is difficult to confuse it with other flour, because it is very delicate, loose, with a specific consistency when taken between your fingers. In addition, it is snow-white and odorless. It is also completely natural and safe, so it is worth including it in your home hair care.

How to use potato flour for hair care?

The task is extremely easy. It is enough to add one flat spoon of potato flour to a portion of the ready-made conditioner. And that’s it. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed so that there are no lumps in it. Then you need to apply it carefully to washed hair, so that it covers it along its entire length. Leave the mask with the addition of potato flour for 30 minutes, then wash it from the hair and dry it. After drying, the strands will become smooth, bouncy and shiny.

Potato flour has another use for strands, namely it works as a substitute for dry shampoo. If you can’t wash your hair and it’s not fresh, a bit of potato flour rubbed into the scalp and well combed will remove excess sebum, just like a dry shampoo. Just be careful with the amount of flour used, because its excess will be difficult to comb and it will leave an unsightly whitish film on your hair. And that’s not the desired effect anymore.

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