Guasave, Sinaloa.- Yukié Lopca is an independent artist who stands out for her paintings in modern art, cubism as well as contemporary, who from a very young age developed a very deep interest in this art.

She was born from the marriage formed by Odilia Camacho and Héctor Barraza, who educated her surrounded by art and painting.


He was in preschool when one day he posted one of his works painted with watercolors. For this, her mother asked her what the meaning was, to which she replied she was inspired by Picasso, it was then the moment to realize that the painting would be his zone of peacealways carrying a notebook with him to create designs, as well as his continuous attendance at visual arts courses, where he begins to understand techniques and processes at the Institute of the Americas.

Among his most appreciated memories is that of his uncle Miguel Barraza, who was one of his companions in painting, since he was the one who shared his materials with him to create designs, as well as admiring every part of his house, because in each space art could be appreciated.

“He had Greek goddesses and even the figure of Don Quixote, this being his space to analyze and understand him in a certain way,” revealed the artist.


As her school grades progressed, Yukié began to gain popularity among her classmates, as she was always distinguished for being the one who participated in most of the painting and art contests.

While he was in high school, he took a sabbatical course, where he managed to graduate in Advertising Design, thus reinforcing each of the knowledge he had.

After an invitation they make her become part of the National Association of Independent Artistsand the exhibitions of his art begin to arrive.

In 2018, she launched “Entre milpas” at the Guasave Cultural Center, where her family and closest friends were present, where her father, Héctor Barraza, was her main support, since unlike her mother, who sought to convince her to have the art as a hobby, as she grew older her mother became convinced of the talent she had in her hands.

The death of his father was reflected in his art, since his paintings were based on sources of inspiration from other artists, but before the loss of his father it came to him through a dream, reflecting what he could not consume, and the pineapple was a fruit that his father could not eat, claiming that now, wherever he is, he is happy to eat them.

Upon waking up, the idea of ​​capturing each one of the feelings that took possession of her before the duel she lived for her example to follow comes to her mind, because her father was the one who showed her the most support, thus creating a new art, where she can express each of her feelings of freedom and happiness, and the courage that characterizes women, being one of her characteristics as a person, being brave and self-confident, and she assures that it will be so for the rest of her life.

He shows in each of his paintings the spiritual messengers and navigators that connect us between those of us who are still on earth and those who left for a better life.


The company of her children has made her realize how far she can go, since her goal is to present a gallery, and she is sure of going far with the support of her family.

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Yukie Lopca
contemporary artist
*Phrase: ”Believe and believe, that way you can go far”
*Hobbies: ”I like being in the company of my family, appreciating all kinds of art and teaching my children what I know how to do.”
*Inspirations: Picasso, Matisse, Anna Wintour, Andy Warhol and Coco Chanel.
*Sisters: Fernanda, Angie and March, who support her in each of her paintings.
*Emotions: Happiness and passion, the same ones that make her travel to another world where she can be her.

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