The insistence of Kirchnerism in to criticize the Cause road had different phases of growth. The first was the request for a 12-year sentence for Cristina Kirchner, accused of being the head of a gang of illicit association with the public works of Santa Cruz. The second, the assassination attempt; the third, the defense of Alberto Baraldi, who presented documentation to demonstrate the alleged falsity of the prosecutors’ arguments. Now, from leaders to President Alberto Fernández they have reinforced their questioning of the Judiciary, which could even renew the debate on judicial reform. However, it is also interesting to ask Why is Cristina Kirchner defended so much? and why the names of most of the courts are hardly mentioned, which total 11 if the vice president is included.

Axel Kicillof’s version

One of the most critical is Axel Kicillo, governor of the province of Buenos Aires and former Minister of Economy during the government of Cristina Kirchner. According to Télam, he considered today that in the trial that is being followed by the case in which the alleged direction of public works in Santa Cruz is being investigated “there is not a single fact of the Penal Code.”

“Yesterday, when I saw the argument of Cristina’s defense, of Dr. Carlos Beraldi, I noticed not only that the farce was undressed, but that the accusation fell apart,” he replied. Likewise, he pointed out that the accusation of the prosecutor Diego Luciani was “an armed, a script” written “with political motives” against Cristina Kirchner. Thus, he slipped the idea of ​​a possible ban being planned.

He also insisted on the ties of Mauricio Macri and an important sector of the Justice, after images of the members of TOF 2 were known in one of their soccer fields. «There are judges who say that they will always play the fifth of Mauricio Macri. They always go out for coffee with him. They could have links with other people, but the former president (Fabián) always appears “Pepín Rodríguez Simón, who is a fugitive in Uruguay.”

Fear that Cristina Kirchner will not be able to run?

Another of the reasons surrounding the main question is, as has already been said, the possible ban on current most important representative of Peronism. Even high-ranking officials, such as spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti, turned to international social and political leaders to reject the request for conviction. The same was done by President Alberto Fernández, who wants to take the cause to the UN.

Even so, the ban, that is, the political disappearance in the public sphere, is not the only concern, but also the physical disappearance. “If not, look what happened to Cristina. The world cannot go back and admit again that events like the ones that happened at the ESMA can happen again,” Alberto Fernández protested on Monday.

Whatever the reason for the insistence, Kirchnerism cannot afford a political plan without Cristina Kirchner. With an opposition that has been gaining more and more strength as a result of the political decisions of the Government, it is more necessary for the sector to bet on the representativeness of the current vice president.

Desire, democracy and/or truth

No one can deny what the attack against Cristina Kirchner caused in society, either positively or negatively. The marches that were generated throughout the country were not only to defend one of the most important political figures, but also to defend democracy. Democracy, that model of government so valued since 1983, was one bullet in the chamber from being put in danger.

But there were also expressions of desire and, also, of desperation. The desire is simply to see the vice president as president again and, also, the desperation is to have a strong figure in power. The caps with the inscription “CFK 2023” are not accidental, although the figure of Alberto Fernández has already receded into the background. The demonstration, real or invented, that the model can still work as a system that guarantees well-being can be carried out by a few, even if there is resistance from another large social portion and even if there is discontent among the militants themselves.

For this reason, the explanation of why Cristina Kirchner is being defended from possible conviction can contain rivers of ink of different colors and shades. What is a coincidental point is that the truth is at stake, and whoever stays with the truth will define the future of Argentina.

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