A shopping cart in a supermarket in Spain.

346.32 euros per year. That is the approximate money that consumers can save with a very simple decision: choose well what will be their Supermarket header to fill the shopping cart every week. And it is not the same to buy in the Danny chainthe cheapest of Spainwhat in Sanchez Romerothe most expensive, according to the latest data published by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

However, consumers madrileños, Basques either Valencians have few possibilities to travel until Andalusia just to make the purchase. The Dani supermarketsin this sense, they only have offices in Grenade, Malaga, Jaen Y Almeria. And buyers are not likely to La Mancha move to the Madrid’s community in search of the quality offered Sanchez Romero. It would be quite strange if it happened and the purpose of this report would be distorted: to look for savings.

EL ESPAÑOL, consequently, wanted to make a purchase in the supermarket chain cheaper with presence in the territory national and also in the most expensive. Thus, according to the latest data from the OCUconcerning the year 2021, To field is the largest surface economicalas a general rule, and Carrefour Express It is the second largest national area expensiveAddition would be the first, but this medium has found that it does not have offices in communities such as Estremadura–. Therefore, the two chains have been chosen as a sample of what Consumption defends: choosing well where to buy can affect family savings.

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Be that as it may, this medium has made a weekly shopping cart for a family of four in which you have included all the basics necessary to maintain proper diet and hygiene. In this list, of course, are present the milkthe eggsthe meatthe fruitsthe vegetables… In addition to personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper either compresses. Below is the complete table with their prices and the difference between them.

Product Quantity Price Alcampo Carrefour Express price Difference
white sliced ​​bread 460 grams €0.84 €0.85 €0.01
Whole milk 4 bricks of 1 liter €2.96 €3.04 €0.08
Eggs size L 12 units €1.39 €2.15 €0.76
Pork Loin Ribbon Steak 800 grams €3.15 €4.78 €1.63
whole chicken breast 400 grams €3.06 €3.54 €0.48
Frozen hake slices 400 grams €3.49 €3.50 €0.01
Fillet of beef 500 grams €6.48 €7.97 €1.49
salad tomatoes 500 grams €0.99 €0.99 €0.00
iceberg lettuce 1 unit €0.78 €0.75 -€0.03
Onion 1 kilo €0.84 €1.35 €0.51
Carrot 1 kilo €0.74 €0.65 -€0.09
Natural yogurts 8 units €1.26 €1.13 -€0.13
Peach and grape juice 2 liters €1.26 €1.54 €0.28
Macaroni 500 grams €0.77 €0.77 €0.00
soup noodles 500 grams €0.78 €0.78 €0.00
Rice 1 kilo €1.08 €1.09 €0.01
extra lentils 500 grams €0.87 €0.83 -€0.04
Cooked chickpeas 400 grams €0.74 €0.75 €0.01
White beans 500 grams €0.87 €0.85 -€0.02
Natural tuna cans 6 cans €3.50 €4.30 €0.80
mild olive oil 1 liter €3.88 €3.89 €0.01
Butter 250 grams €2.92 €3.15 €0.23
Maria cookies 800 grams €1.30 €1.31 €0.01
basic cereals 500 grams €2.69 €2.70 €0.01
basic toothpaste 100 milliliters €0.55 €0.68 €0.13
basic shampoo 750 milliliters €0.99 €0.99 €0.00
basic gel 750 milliliters €1.27 €0.95 -€0.32
basic deodorant 100 milliliters €0.49 €0.72 €0.23
Toilet paper 12 rolls €4.50 €4.99 €0.49
Basic Ultra Thin Pads 12 units €0.88 €0.99 €0.11
TOTAL €55.32 €61.98 €6.66

Source: Alcampo | Carrefour Express | THE SPANISH

30 products, €6.66 difference

EL ESPAÑOL has decided to include in this particular shopping list 30 commoditiessince it is the number of articles that the second vice-president of the Government, Yolanda Diaz, has wanted to negotiate with the distribution to make a basic basket for 30 euros. In the case of this newspaper, however, the budget has been greater according to current prices. In this way, in To field we have spent €55.32Meanwhile in Carrefour Express we have paid €61.98.

The difference for the same products (whenever possible, the cheapest and/or private label option has been chosen) seems laughable, since we only saved 6.66 euros if we go any week to the To field closest to our house instead of Carrefour Express. But what would happen if we multiply that weekly savings by the number of weeks in a year?

A shopping cart in a supermarket in Spain.


well what we would save up to 346.32 euros per year. Here we are already beginning to talk about big words, because that can even involve the budget of a vacation, even if it is short. Every penny of savings counts and that is literally what happens in some products like the liter of mild olive oilwhose price is €3.88 in To field as long as it’s worth €3.89 in Carrefour Express.

But there are other products in which the difference really becomes abysmal, for example, the beef steaks –500 grams are €1.49 cheaper in To field what in Carrefour Express– waves onions -the kilo in To field it is 51 cents cheaper than its competitor.

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The OCU speaks

Despite this, this experiment is inspired by the macro-study that the OCU carries out every year and whose results 2022 we will see soon. Henry Garciaone of the most visible faces of the Organization, explained this week in Spanish Television that “with last year’s data, it is possible save up to 1,094 euros between the most expensive and cheapest establishment on average in Spain”. Therefore, he said that it is very important to “compare prices between establishments.”

Likewise, Garcia advised consumers to look for “substitute products” that have not risen so much in price. For example, he recommended using soy oilsince the sunflower oil“the traditional substitute for olive oil”, has risen a lot in price.

Even so, if we look at the latest data published by the OCUit can be stated that the average annual savingsdepending on the choice of purchase establishment, can reach €1,073 and even overcome the “€3,500 of savings in some parts of the country”.

This conclusion of OCU left after visiting 1,103 establishments in 65 Spanish cities. In that study, Consumption was able to conclude that the cheapest supermarket visited is the To field of Murciawhile, at the other extreme, the most expensive establishment is the Sanchez Romero of The morale (Madrid). In fact, he added that To field is the longest chain cheap in 23 Spanish cities.

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Despite this, it remains to be seen what will happen in 2022 and if the French chain manages to rise again with the award to the national network more economical of Spain. While this new study comes to light, EL ESPAÑOL has built a model –with current prices– that states that if consumers choose their supermarket well, they can reach save 346.32 euros per year.

Source: Elespanol

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