The content of the cell phone Gabriel Carrizothe fourth arrested for the attempted murder of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, not only confirmed his participation in the planning of the attack and that he himself delivered an additional weapon to commit it (which was not used in the end). He also revealed that he had in the plans the murder of Maximo Kirchner. “We are thinking of killing the boss of La Cámpora this time,” says a message from Carrizo sent at 11:40 p.m. on September 1, that is, two hours after the attack on CFK. “Everyone is arriving. We are going to have a group meeting,” he also warns at that moment.

Who presented himself as the owner of the business and the machine for making sugar flakes, recounted in his investigation last Friday that that night he met at his house on Montes de Oca Avenue with the rest of the group. That was after cursing, in a conversation with his stepsister, because Brenda Uliarte Y Fernando Sabag Montiel they had not respected the alleged original plan: “This was planned for a week, he did everything wrong. He’s an asshole,” he said, as this newspaper exclusively revealed. He also insisted: “We are determined to kill that whore,” an obvious allusion to the vice president.

The conversation that alludes to the “chief of the Cámpora”, who could meet Page 12 by those close to the investigation, it occurred with a recurring contact of Carrizo, who appears as Jony White, who responds thus to the comment about the meeting: “The assassins of the snowflakes”. The tone of the announcement that Carrizo had made about his intention to kill Máximo Kirchner corresponds to that of the exchange of messages that he had in parallel with Uliarte, where far from seeming scared –although they talk about hiding, finding another place to stay , among other strategies– they continue to talk about carrying out the assassination, according to what is reconstructed from the exchanges. The man tells various acquaintances that he is “proud” of the assassination attempt on his “friend of his.” On September 2, Carrizo himself asked Brenda Uliarte:

— Are you sure you want to do it?

— I swear I do. And the shot will not miss me. But you have to think about it. It happens that Nando (Sabag Montiel) does not have much practice. Her pulse trembled– she replies.

It is assumed that they were still talking about CFK. But Carrizo, judging by the chats, also had the former president’s son in his sights. The Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) denounced last week public expressions in the same sense by referents of federal revolution in a presentation that was incorporated into the case.

That night of September 1, after the assassination attempt, Carrizo met with the closest members of the group, except for Uliarte, and they tried without luck to get them to attend them on Crónica TV. They wanted to go clean up his image in advance. That channel had previous images of them: a note to Uliarte and Sabag Montiel where they rant against social plans, while she shows how she sells flakes, and another to Uliarte and Sergio Orozcoin Tigre, where they went to criticize Serge Massa after his appointment as minister. On September 2 they went to Telefé, already with Uliarte who appeared at the house in Barracas at around 2 in the morning, according to the cell phone antennas, and also returned to Carrizo the 22-caliber weapon that was not used or the discarded together, the researchers suppose.

When dictating the prosecutions of Uliarte and Sabag Montiel, the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti He gave her a central role in the planning and maintained that she was the one who had acquired the weapon that tried to trigger her partner. Later, through Carrizo’s messages, it was learned that he himself initially thought that the gun used was his own. But later he found out, everything indicates that Uliarte, which was another. That’s why he tells Andrea, his stepsister: “Look, I don’t know (sic) if it’s good or bad news, but the weapon with which he tried to put it is not mine, I gave him a short 22… I just spoke with the girlfriend (in reference to Uliarte) and she has it, so tomorrow we are going to hide it and we are going to go to Chronicle to talk.” As is known, when they finally spoke on television, they lied: nobody knew who they were, the main point was that Uliarte admitted to being Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend, they said they were afraid, that they received threats. She commented that she had no idea of ​​the existence of the weapon, that she had not been with Sabag in the last 48 hours. It was all a very easy script to disarm.

Connection with Federal Revolution?

The possible relationship between the Revolution Federal organization and/or other far-right groups (protagonists of the marches with gallows, body bags, guillotine, torches thrown at the Casa Rosada, escraches Silvina Batakis and Sergio Massa when he took office in Economy) with the attempt assassination, was already pointed out last week in a letter from the AFI. The body that drives Agustin Rossi He attached audios of referents of that group in a live broadcast that carried the title “do you have to rot it?” which was done on August 26. In addition to the fact that these dialogues anticipated what would happen a week later with the attack against the vice president (they commented on the possibility of infiltrating the protesters who were going to support CFK and “go down in history”), they also referred to deputy Máximo Kirchner. The leader of the Federal Revolution, Jonathan Morelhe asks Franco Castelli: “Do you go to Máximo’s house every day?” “Yes, I’m from Santa Cruz, from here,” is the answer. “Uh, how did you not kill him, asshole?” “All dead, prisoners or exiles” is one of the slogans they usually use against the government.

Coincidence or not, the peaceful demonstration in support of Cristina on Saturday, August 27, after the Buenos Aires government ordered the block of her home to be fenced, was repressed by the Police of the City of Buenos Airesone of whose agents insulted Máximo Kirchner, in addition to “marking” him as just another citizen, without immunities, as other agents did with the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillo and his minister Andres “Crow” Larroque.

Judge Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi had received a complaint as a result of publications on the Instagram account of the Federal Revolution, for attacking democracy, inciting hatred and political violence with expressions directed against the president Alberto Fernandez and CFK, with expressions such as: “We are going to persecute them, they are going to be afraid to go out on the street. Theft and corruption Argentina is going to stop being free by hook or by crook”. The judge signed a resolution where he sends the case to Capuchetti and raises something alarming: that It cannot be affirmed that “the criminal plan has ended nor rule out that another attempt be made with respect to the Vice President of the Nation or other officials”.

Martínez de Giorgi highlights a certain connection with the group of Brenda Uliarte, who participated in the torchlight march on August 18, with the slogan “prison or bullet to Kirchnerism” and that “the sayings exposed by the extremist group Federal Revolution of the which (she) participated – affirms the magistrate – are of unusual gravity and a striking similarity to the modus operandi of the attack, which demonstrates the particular relevance of this public conversation with the present investigation”. The judge cites an opinion of the prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita which suggested that “The contribution of such a group could not be ruled out in the attempted murder of the current Vice President of the Nationbe it the instigation of Brenda Uliarte, her help, cooperation or financing”.

Now we will have to see what Judge Capuchetti and the prosecutor do Carlos Rivolo. The key questions that come up in this case are: who was behind this group and who financed them. It is difficult to imagine how they would pay, for example, for the apartment that Uliarte and Sabag Montiel planned to rent in Recoleta, in order to have a clear view of CFK’s home.

Py’s bowler

Agustina Diaz, another of the detainees, friend and confidant –perhaps also a partner– of Brenda Uliarte, asked to broaden her investigation, something she will do on Wednesday before Capuchetti and Rívolo. Until now, the woman said that Uliarte was confabulatory, fanciful, delusional and manipulative, and she did not take seriously her comments about her intention to kill the vice president. It was not a solid story. In a message found by the investigators, she reproaches him “why did you send that moron?” she to shoot, alluding to Sabag Montiel, and she advises him to erase everything and discard her cell phone.

Díaz, in addition, had asked for his release. The court and the prosecution rejected it and for this reason he appealed to the Federal Chamber, which determined that the issue ends up in the hands of Chamber I, which is made up of Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens. The first two are the famous judges handpicked for that position by the government of Mauricio Macri, through a transfer mechanism, a situation that the Council of the Judiciary is reluctant to reverse despite the fact that the competition to replace them by judges appointed as established by the Constitution is over. Llorens is, as described by CFK itself from the photos that were made public, the Liverpool goalkeeper, the soccer team that the judge also makes up Rodrigo Gimenez Uriburu and the prosecutor Diego Luciani –who judge the vice president in the Vialidad case– and who played in the fifth Los Abrojos de Macri. The Bruglia-Bertuzzi-Llorens trio, for example, is the one that dismissed the former president in the espionage case against the relatives of ARA San Juan. This Thursday they summoned a hearing at 10 in the morning to discuss the release of Agustina Díaz.

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