Panama- One armed iron barrier with fences of those used for the past JWorld Youth Ornate, was placed in the form provisional on the perimeter of the ditch where the last friday they fell two sisters during the rain and they drowned, after leaving the CEBG City Santa Fe, located in the neighborhood Saint Elizabeth in Pacora.

The measure, though provisional, it was not well accepted by community residents, becauseand request a long-term solutionoy that also be taken in count other points of the slum where also locate sewers big size that They do not count with the necessary security measures to prevent oranother tragedy occurs Similar to last Friday.

As reported, in the last section of the pavement that runs along the main road of City Santa Feshortly before reaching the road known as Cabraanother is located large sewer, which is at one considerable depth from the road, and fall anyonethis could die at the bottom

The truth is that on Monday met on campus members of the CEBG directive Ciudad Sante Fe, as well as representatives of the Community Board of Pacora, National Policeof Clinic, staff of Psychopedagogical Office of Ministry of Education and of a of the 3 promoters they have built houses in the area.

During the meeting agreed to clean the sides of the gutter and place these fences, until I know determine which alternative is the most adequate to improve the security to the raround the gutter, mainly for his proximity to campus educational, since in the same converge the Rainwater of almost all 9 neighborhoods that are located in the sector, which is also known as Santa Fe City.

Between the possible alternatives That could do is placing an acomplete sewage to all the ditch, sealed with earth or concrete and that the gutter becomes a islet, but that will depend on whether manages to increase the ability of sewage systemor, same as has already been overcomedue to the great growth that the area has had.

To the CEBG teachers Santa Fe City, worries That install a grid system and what then not given proper cleaningbecause then in water would end up flooding the halls of the low level, So currently when it rains hard the green area and thes parking lotyes, they can be seen affected for this problem.

The solution not yet determined, but in the meantime, the National Police will maintainon loan, the fences around the gutter, after receiving the request in writing through a note sent to the school.

Another point thatmanaged to agree at that meetingwas to give Psychological attention to the minors what were they witnesses of the tragedy, mainly those who they tried to save at sistersone of which ended up with scratched forearms by them.

The Meduca staffof Psychopedagogical Office, this will be far Wednesday workshops to the teachers, professors and students of the campus.


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