They charged the former Minister of Health of Córdoba for the case of the dead babies

The former Minister of Health of Córdoba, Diego Cardozo, was charged this Monday in the case that investigates the death of at least five babies born healthy at the Ramón Carrillo Maternal Neonatal Hospital. The charge that was awarded to him was “omission of duties of a public official.”

The former deputy director of the Neonatal Alejandro Escudero Salama was also charged with the same charge as Cardozo. For the prosecution, the new accused were aware of the deaths of the newborns months before the case became public and they did not make the relevant complaint. Prosecutor of Instruction Raúl Garzón is expected to investigate the new accused during the course of this week.

A few hours earlier, the prosecutor expanded the accusations against the nurse Brenda Agüero and the former directors of the Liliana Asís Marta Gómez Flores Neonatal Hospital for “ideological falsehood.” The last two were charged with the crime of “omission of the duties of a public official.”

Agüero has been detained since August 19 under the accusation of “repeated aggravated homicide by insidious attempted procedure”, that is, she is suspected of having intentionally injected a substance into the babies who died.

The autopsies established that two of the babies who died shortly after birth at the Ramón Carrillo Maternal Neonatal Hospital in Córdoba lost their lives as a result of a picture of “hyperkalemia due to excess potassium” that was “intentionally injected”, reported sources of the investigation.

Why potassium can be deadly

According to the Association of Forensic Doctors of Argentina, although potassium is used as a cardiac stimulator medicine, the injection in an uncontrolled way can cause consequences ranging from injuries such as ulcers, tissue inflammation and even cardiac arrest.

Potassium is an element that must be handled with extreme care, since it has such a lethal capacity that potassium chloride is part of the components of the lethal injection used by some jurisdictions in the United States.

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