Juan Lobato greets Pedro S.


Yesterday, Lobato asked that Almeida’s rival be “a loved person” and that “the PSOE identify as his own”

Juan Lobato greets Pedro Snchez in an act of the PSOET. GALN
  • politics Ferraz rules out Mercedes González as a candidate for Mayor of Madrid and imposes a delay in the primaries while looking for an alternative

The days go by and the name of the PSOE candidate for the City of Madrid still missing. And with this increases the nervousness in the ranks of the socialists from Madrid, who come from successive blows both in the city and in the region, where they are not even the first opposition force and where they already foresee the arrival of a paratrooper after ruling out the Government delegate, Mercedes González, called to be a rival at the polls of Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida until a week ago.

Because Ferraz’s plans do not seem to be directed towards a Madrid profile. The names of ministers, Flix Bolaos a Margaret Oaks either Fernando Grande-Marlaskado not stop ringing to fill the gap in Cybele. A situation that has baffled the PSOE-M and to Municipal Group. External candidates have never worked for us. And this time it does not have to be different, points out a socialist source from the capital consulted by EL MUNDO. That model does not work, he adds a second one that gives as examples the recent cases of Pepu Hernandez, Antonio Miguel Carmona Y Jaime Lissavetzky. It would be to repeat the same thing for the fourth time.

Those three names have chained in the last three elections the worst historical results of the socialists in a city that they have not governed since 1989 with Juan Barranco. Lissavetzky garnered 15 council members in 2011, three fewer than four years earlier. Carmona left another six in 2015 and Hernndez another one in 2019 up to the eight current mayors. If a project is not built, it is impossible for us to win, points out a socialist leader from Madrid who does not positively value either a minister or an independent profile.

Even the general secretary of the PSOE-M and candidate for the Community of Madrid, John Lobatowas emphatic about it in his statement to the media in the Assembly after the Board of Speakers. The candidate has to be a loved person and that the PSOE identifies her as one of its own, he assured, showing his willingness to be someone from within the party with knowledge of the region, ruling out an independent person from civil society.

Although on Monday he had assured that the candidate already has a name and will be known in the coming weeks, Lobato released a message yesterday that contradicts him. The PSOE of Madrid is going to have primaries between the different applicants. What I do assume is that powerful and ambitious candidates attend these primaries. We deserve a mayor who puts an end to the mess of dirt and management, affirmed the secretary general of the Madrid Socialists, who detailed that his party is going to go all out for the Madrid City Council with an identifiable person, with ambition, desire and to put an end to this current model of the city.

Precisely those primaries seemed aimed at Mercedes González becoming Ferraz’s candidate due to her promotion as a government delegate, interpreted as a springboard to the top of the electoral list, and due to her appointment as the first general secretary of the Socialist Association of the City of Madrid in November 2021. The delay of these primaries from the party leadership to the month of November was already interpreted as the search for another profile. And the statement from the former councilor, indicating that her intention was to continue devoting all my strength exclusively to the Delegation and the Association, confirmed it.

Halfway there is the current spokesperson for the Socialists in Cibeles after the departure of Pepu Hernndez, sea ​​thorn, that he has not yet made it clear whether he will run for these primaries, although yesterday he indicated that Lobato has a very clear profile of the candidate and that the PSOE should not pay attention to Almeida’s wear and tear. The PSOE must worry about having a clear project, idea and model for the city. We have always been clear that Madrid cannot be so hostile, we have to focus on ourselves, the PP on its own and Ms Madrid on his own, he sentenced yesterday in an interview on Telemadrid.

In the absence of his electoral ticket for the City Council, Lobato was ratified yesterday as the head of the list for the regional elections in the absence of the delivery of the guarantees, a mere formality. The current general secretary of the PSOE-M, a position he has held for just 11 months, will not have to finally face the primary process in the absence of rivals.

Source: www.elmundo.es

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