"The jungle burns while you make war": Gustavo Petro at the UN

The Colombian President, Gustavo Petrodenounced in his first intervention before the United Nations (UN) the failure of the drug war and the destruction of thousands of lives and Amazon jungle by the pursuit strategy.

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“Deadly consumption has increased, from soft drugs to harder drugs, a genocide has occurred on my continent and in my country, millions of people have been sentenced to prison,” said Colombia’s first leftist president, world’s largest producer of cocaine.

In a speech addressed to consuming countries, Petro called to “end the irrational war on drugs”.

The president emphasized that the strategy that has been used for four decades to end the lucrative business only leaves hundreds of thousands dead in North America and overcrowded prisons in the rest of the continent.

“If we don’t correct course and this (war) drags on for another 40 years, America will see Americans die of drug overdoses.” 2 million 800 thousand young people” and “a million more Latin Americans will be killed,” he said.

Since his investiture, on August 7, Petro insists on a focus on consumption prevention in developed economies instead of the persecution of coca leaf growers, the base of cocaine, considered the weakest link in the drug trafficking chain.

The siege against the plant using chemicals, insisted Petropoisons water sources and fields in coca-growing regions.

Colombia have 142 thousand hectares of drug crops, UN reveals

According to the UN, in Colombia there is at least 142 thousand hectares of drug cropsa good part of them planted in the Amazon jungle.

The fires to open fields for coca and other purposes destroy one of the richest ecosystems in the world and key to the absorption of CO2.

Petro pointed out that the Amazon is being a victim of the “addiction” of the powers for coca, money, and for natural resources such as coal and oil.

“The jungle is burning, gentlemen (…) destroying the jungle, the Amazon, has become the slogan that states and businessmen follow,” said the president, who came to power waving environmentalist flags.

“They decided to make an enemy of an Amazon jungle plant, extradite and imprison its growers, I invite you to stop the war and stop the climate disaster,” he added.

Between 2018 and 2021, Colombia lost an area of ​​7,018 km2 due to deforestation, a little more than the extension of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, according to the UN.

Petro concluded by calling on the heads of state to allocate funds for the protection of the Amazon to “save humanity and life on the planet.”

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