Isabel Rodríguez asks her partner to “take charge” of his words and Vara censures the “permanent confrontation” of his counterpart

The government spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez.JUAN CARLOS HIDALGOEFE

A shock has runaway to the PSOE since Emiliano Garca-Pagepresident of Castilla-La Mancha, criticized Pedro Sánchez’s alliances with the independence movement and his strategy of accusing Alberto Nez Feijo of being “insolvent”.

After the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Government spokesperson, isabel rodrguez, Castilian Manchego like Page and with whom he aligned himself in the battle unleashed in the PSOE in 2016, limited himself to saying that the words of the president of his community are his alone “he will take care of them”. On whether he considers, like Page, that Feijo is insolvent, he has replied: “If it is not insolvency, it is bad faith, and I prefer to think that it is insolvency.”

Several barons have also commented on Page’s words. Visibly annoyed by the controversy generated, the Extremaduran socialist baron Guillermo Fernndez Vara expressed this Tuesday his outright rejection of the debate opened by Emiliano Garca Page in the pages of EL MUNDO about the companions of trip in the legislature of Pedro Sánchez and the strategy of erosion of the PP leader, Alberto Nez Feijo. Ximo Puig has also positioned himself in this direction, criticizing Page for his lack of “coherence”, and Patxi López, spokesman in Congress, who has replied to Page that what he wears out would be “not governing”.

Vara has made it clear that he does not share the critical position of the president of Castilla-La Mancha: “I do not share the diagnosis of permanent confrontation. One cannot be loyal to Spain if he is not loyal to his project.” The president of Extremadura, who went from being one of the most critical leaders of Sánchez in his first stage at the head of the Socialists to not expressing any complaint since the Secretary General of the Socialists is President of the Government, has lamented that Page has This internal debate has now opened within the PSOE: “I believe that generating confusion, debate and internal division leads to absolutely nothing and, furthermore, it is not good for the country.

In an appearance before the media before the start of a conference organized by UGT Extremadura, the journalists have tried to expand on this controversy, but the president of the Board has refused to ask him any more questions: “I have nothing more to say”, he has finished, after explaining his position: “I always defend and defend that you cannot be loyal to your country if you are not loyal to the instruments that your country has to achieve a better and fairer society, and without a doubt that is what the PSOE has tried to do throughout its history”.


The Valencian president, Ximo Puig, has reminded his counterpart from Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, that “we must try to be consistent”, after his discrepancies with the Government’s strategy of criticizing the PP because in the Federal Political Council that the PSOE celebrated last Saturday there was a “generalized” agreement regarding a political strategy. Puig expressed himself in these terms in an interview on TVE, collected by Europa Press, when asked if he understands Page’s criticism. “I am not here to comment on the statements of other presidents, but it is true that there is a fundamental value that is consistency,” he added.

“A few days ago there was a meeting of the Federal Council in Zaragoza. There was a general agreement regarding a political strategy and I think that we must try to be coherent, nothing more,” the socialist baron assured.


The spokesman for the Socialist Group in Congress, Patxi López, replied this Tuesday to the president of Castilla-La Mancha that he is not in the Government to “be comfortable” but to provide solutions to the problems of the citizenry and that, if the PSOE has agreed with Bildu on issues such as the increase in pensions or the creation of the minimum vital income, it has been because the PP has refused to support these measures. This is how López responded, at a press conference in Congress, to the warning launched by the leader of the Castilian-La Mancha PSOE about the “bad company” of the Government, in reference to his nationalist and independentist parliamentary partners.

“Some say that dangerous friendships punish us, but a government is punished for not governing, not for assuming its responsibility and giving answers to the problems of citizens, which is what this government is doing,” López emphasized without no one will ask him about Garca Page.

Regarding the words of Page distancing himself from the criticism of the PSOE to the leader of the PP, Alberto Nnez Feijo, for alleged insolvency, López has responded, like hours later, the government spokeswoman, that if the ‘popular’ president is not insolvent, it will be that he acts of “bad faith”.

In addition, the socialist spokesman has been questioned about the words of the former Vice President of the Government and former leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias warning the PSOE that it is wrong to bet on figures such as Page, who position themselves “politically on the right.” “We have not been wrong with Emiliano Garca Page, he would already like it by having the result that Emiliano has”, he replied to Iglesias.

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