The Civil Guard arrests 32 members of the Calabrian mafia for bringing tons of drugs to Spain

The highly dangerous criminal network, linked to one of the worst criminal organizations in the world, played an active role in the trafficking of cocaine and cannabis between Spain and Italy. To do this, he used vehicles equipped with hidden compartments and speedboats with which to transport the drug across the Mediterranean.

But just a few days ago a major operation by the Civil Guard has arrest 32 suspects linked to the Calabrian mafia for their involvement in crimes drug trafficking on a large scale and money laundering.

The final result of the operation has consisted in the dismantling of two of the most important criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking that operated on the island of Ibiza, preventing the introduction into the market of 94,500 doses of MDMA and cocaine, valued at 4.1 million euros and the immobilization of movable and immovable property with an approximate value of 22 million euros.

Operation Dragon Ball against drug trafficking and the Italian mafia

In total, 32 people have been arrested. There have been 40 registrations in Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Tenerife. The agents have baptized it as ‘Operation Dragon Ball’. The investigation uncovered the existence in the Balearic Islands in Spain of an organized crime group linked to that crime syndicate and another from Albania.

The network used ‘caleteados’ vehicles, speedboats, and other methods to transport drugs between both countries. Settled in the Balearic Islands, with ramifications in other parts of Spain and abroad, the leadership of this clan coordinated everything from there. both organizations invested their respective earnings in real estate in the main tourist destinations in Europe, among which the island of Ibiza stands out.

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The Italian ‘Ndrangheta is one of the most dangerous organized crime groups in the world. Members of this criminal organization often use violence, including torture, to further their criminal goals. Some of those arrested are linked to a series of murders in Italy.

500 agents

The drug seized amounts to 18 kg of methamphetamine with which 870,000 ecstasy pills could have been manufactured. 4.5 kg of cocaine, a cannabis plantation with 600 marijuana plants, significant amounts of other substances, weighing and pressing tools were also seized.

In addition, 2 firearms have been confiscated, €330,000 in cash and 23 premium vehicles. 116 current accounts and 15 high standing properties used for money laundering have also been blocked.

Among the objects seized, luxury watches (Bulgari/Rolex/Cartier), jewelry, documents related to bank accounts abroad, false identity documents, frequency inhibitors, a multitude of mobile phones, USB sticks, tablets and other devices have been seized. electronics.

The criminal profits they obtained from drug trafficking were reinvested in real estate in Spain to hide their allegedly illegal origin. The exploitation of the aforementioned operation has been carried out in two consecutive phases, on September 13 and 17.

The final phase was made possible by the deployment of some 400 law enforcement officers on the ground, including special intervention teams, canine units, helicopters and drones, as well as sophisticated equipment for the detection of hidden caches.


The investigation, which the Armed Institute carried out together with the Italian Carabinieri, the Italian Financial Corps and with the support of Europol and Eurojust, managed to uncover the illegal possession of firearms by some members of this organization. The destination of the drug was mainly Italy and Spain, and it came directly from Latin America.

Some of its members residing in Spain have been related to cases of extortion in Italy, in addition to carrying out money laundering activities in Spain. This organization, in the present investigation, is charged with the apprehension
of 1.5 tons of cocaine in the province of Malaga on April 20, 2020.

As for the disjointed Albanian organization, characterized by using the same violent methods as the Italian, it provided the latter with firearms and drugs on the island of Ibiza.

Europol supported this investigation by providing personalized expertise and extensive analysis support and by facilitating the exchange of information through its secure channels. The exploitation of critical intelligence carried out by Europol was crucial to the development of the case.

During the final phase of the operation, a Europol mobile office was deployed in Spain to facilitate real-time information sharing and cross-checking of data collected in the course of the action against Europol databases.

This research was supported by the EU-funded [email protected] Project, an Italian-led initiative to tackle mafia-type organized crime groups active in Europe.

Source: Elespanol

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