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20 Sep 2022 8:29 p.m

In many places, the custom of Monday walks is reviving. This time only very occasionally with statements against the corona measures, but with many against the prescribed freezing. The politicians in Berlin shouldn’t like that.

One thing is clear from the images from Monday’s protests – trying to talk people out of the cause-and-effect connection isn’t working. The officially counted 10,500 demonstrators in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, like those in Saxony, have a clear view of who brought them the soup that they are supposed to spoon out coldly. Hand-painted posters read, for example, “End politics against one’s own people,” or “Red-green means impoverishment.” And with the demand “Open Nord Stream 2 immediately” is also the one demand that could end the announced misery immediately.

Were there really no protests in the west of the republic? Or just the softened version, in which a few comfort patches are begged for? Last winter’s experience casts doubt on that. There were probably some, they just don’t get reported.

Some of these protests took place in torrential rain, and even in small towns, people were on the streets. This is a good sign for the country and a bad one for German politics. After all, trying to convince the masses, whose heating is turned off and their bread, if not the bread itself, is taken away from them, that Vladimir Putin is to blame is the only way to divert attention from the responsibility of German politics.

These demonstration trains are still moving in the funeral march step that the police in Germany specify for demonstrations. But that can change with increasing anger. The reasons for getting angry have been increasingly fluttering into the letterbox of every individual in the last few weeks, in the form of increased electricity and gas bills, can be seen walking through town, in the form of closed bakeries, or can be found in the supermarkets in the form of missing ones Were.

A household with 3,600 euros net would have nothing left at the current prices at the end of the month, according to the press. That is more than 5,000 euros gross. An income that hardly any household in the eastern part of the republic is likely to achieve; so it is no wonder that mobilization is stronger there. But things will not remain calm in the West either.

And that’s a good thing, because insight can hardly be expected from current politics. On the contrary, the gentlemen are busy trying to come up with sanctions against China. So massive protests are the only hope left for the country’s citizens.

With the exception of the AfD, all parliamentary parties are staying away from the protests. Calling for Nord Stream 2 to open is now also taboo for the left, and Sahra Wagenknecht has been heavily attacked for criticizing the sanctions. However, as can now be seen, the NATO truce has a limited scope. “Against sanctions against Russia that are ruining our country” – the paid politicians may not dare to say that, but the demonstrators do.

On Monday, all demonstrations remained peaceful. Or, to put it more precisely, the police remained peaceful, which was certainly not always the case during the demonstrations against the Corona measures last year. Whether it stays that way, should the numbers increase from week to week like last year, the future will show. However, the propaganda that everything is “right” will probably not get caught, even if the entire pro-Ukraine bloc in the Bundestag tries its very best.

Slump in residential construction – because landlords fear losses

After all, what’s “right” about standing up to the worst attacks on working class living standards this republic has ever seen? Not wanting to bear the consequences of an aggressive policy to which the political class has sworn itself? Peace to the cottages, war to the palaces, Georg Büchner once wrote. The peace of the cottages this winter has one precondition: the end of the sanctions policy.

And at least in the east of the country, people are demonstrably smarter than Berlin politicians want to give them credit for. This is a first glimmer of hope on the horizon.

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