Socio-political situation in Mali: The deafening silence of the political class!

The Malian nation lives in an extremely difficult socio-political situation. The political class will not say otherwise! In view of this prevailing situation, it is clear that it surprises more than one by walling in a deafening silence. This attitude suggests a disinterestedness in the policies of the future of the country which seeks its way to appear in the concert of the nations which count.

At the start of the political transition, which had gone through two phases under the governance of the 5 colonels, the Malian political class set to work to support the leaders so, they said, that the transition would end on time. As a result, hopes have been pinned on the organization of free and transparent elections which should mark the end of the transitional period.

But the political leaders who came together within the Framework of Political Parties and Grouping of Political Parties quickly lost this illusion of the organization of elections in the short term. It is therefore without risk of being mistaken the reason for the distancing of political leaders who have remained silent like carp despite the diplomatic difficulties that the country is experiencing today.

It is an open secret for all Malians that relations between Mali and France, coupled with that of Côte d’Ivoire, are not doing well. For the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, it is because of the arrest of 49 Ivorian soldiers by the authorities in Bamako. Mali speaks of Ivorian mercenaries who came to destabilize its institutions, while Abidjan disputes this thesis by firmly supporting that these soldiers arrived in Mali as part of the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Mali (Minusma).

Since the outbreak of this situation between the two countries, Malians have observed a silent political class. This means that what matters to Malian politicians is the question of elections. If the dates of the various elections are published, the rest of the life of the nation has, in their eyes, no importance. However, elections are the conquest of power and power is the management of men and state property. Politicians sin by adopting such a behavior of discouragement in the face of the country’s problems.

Of the 271 political parties, Malians only know of the reaction of 3 political parties, even if it is marked by delay. These are the Convergence for the Development of Mali (Codem) of Housseini Amion Guindo, the Patriotic Movement for Renewal (MPR) of Choguel Kokalla Maïga and the Alliance for Democracy in Mali-African Party for Solidarity and Justice (Adema-Pasj) of Marimantia Diarra.

Regarding Mali’s complaint against France to the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN), Codem says it has learned from the press. The leaders of the distaff party suggest the involvement in this process of the living forces through appropriate channels and firmly believe that the defense of security deserves the involvement of all. But, it should be noted that these officials of Codem, for the support of the authorities in place, expect to be strong in the elements made available to them. So no clear decision is made by Poulo and his men.

In a statement, the bees say that despite the growing strength of the Malian army, the security situation in Mali remains worrying. They always remain in solidarity with the authorities of Mali. Before these, the leaders of the Patriotic Movement for Renewal (MPR) opened the ball by firmly supporting the government of Mali in its approach and inviting all the living forces of the nation, the Chinese presidency of the Security Council, the countries brothers and friends of Mali to combine their efforts so that the Security Council demands that France respect Mali’s sovereignty and cease its logistical support for terrorist groups.

Apart from these three political formations, no other of the 271 parties that make up the Malian political landernau has said a word about the political and social situation in the country. No finger was raised to denounce anything. The culpable and deafening silence of politicians is what emerges as the bad points of the latest socio-political and diplomatic developments in Mali.

Bazoumana KANE

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