Washcloth debate: Astronaut Matthias Maurer calls for saving energy when washing

20 Sep 2022 3:39 p.m

Public-law formats regularly prepare young people for times of hardship through their publications. The motto is: Less is more, get used to it. The WDR format “kugelzwei” follows the recommendations of politicians – why shower when a washcloth is enough.

By Bernhard Loyen

We live in bizarre times. Every day, deliberately manipulative texts and little films on social media are used to emphatically convey to citizens that the individual lives beyond their means, is insensitive, harms nature and willfully disregards the needs of their fellow human beings. That she/her, he/his or they/them should quickly get used to the life motto of the hour, based on the ideas of the World Economic Forum (WEF): “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better” . Those who show learned healthy skepticism only make themselves suspicious, depending on how they are perceived. In Orwellian fashion, consideration is simply reversed in its original meaning.

This is how the GEZ-financed one currently recommends and mediates West German Broadcasting (WDR): Why regular personal hygiene? Body odor can be something beautiful and natural. The current explosion of “explainer videos” is mostly based on specially created video formats youtube, tik tok or Instagram to the intended target group of children and young people. That WDR format ball two published on September 15 an impressive example of questionable “thought guidelines” to the people of the country. This is how the video formulates upcoming waiver suggestions for the viewer at the beginning with the introduction:

“If we only shower/bath once a week, then our everyday life could look like this:”

The ignorant and hitherto simply living by themselves learns or is pointed out that “according to dermatologists, frequent showering and bathing could damage the skin”. The animated lady washes her hair without a sink and/or water, but perhaps this is just to convey that a damaged scalp could also influence sustainable thinking.

Body cleaning with a washcloth would have unknown advantages over taking a shower or bath. This is what the overlaid text of the video says:

“We would be fine (sic!) wash more and be finished faster in the bathroom”

As a result, the potential renunciate would in turn have “more time for other things?” In addition to more free time due to the suggested reduction in hygiene, “we” would also be “perhaps a little more tolerant of natural body odors”, undeterred. The following are examples of conversion and dismantling measures in areas of society. The Chamber of Crafts will be delighted in these uncertain times. The editorial team of ball two suggests:

“In gyms, for example, there could be cubicles with sinks instead of shower stalls.”

The end of the video reveals the individual culmination of the whole thing. The animation for the desired rethinking reads literally, of course still formulated in question:

“Showering/bathing as a weekly highlight?”

Misconception à la Bild, Habeck and Co.: Hartz IV recipients are not reimbursed for all heating costs

Actually nothing new. That was already considered a high point in the 1960s and 70s – for children. The political and media measure of the present in 2022 is called adult education at child level. But doesn’t the “weekly highlight” need at least a bathtub or shower in the increasingly unaffordable apartment? Why an apartment, please? The tiny house is considered a desirable future model or variable so-called cluster apartments. The Berliners BZ headlined this August:

“New living trend: Shared flats with 25 rooms! Cluster apartments are the future.”

Toilets and showers are still planned, but why and what for? the ball two-Editors enthusiastically suggest in the video on the subject of basic cleaning and highlights of the week:

“Maybe we would celebrate it together with friends in public bathhouses.”

The accompanying picture shows, boldly or carelessly negligently and irritatingly, a clearly mixed bathhouse, with no privacy protection for the (?) showerer.

The true-to-life reality, which is already celebrated in public toilets in this country, is incomprehensibly not mentioned in the video. “Could you imagine only having a bath/shower once a week?” is finally asked without a tone of reproach. Every construction worker or shift worker will answer at the end of a hard day’s work: “Hacks with you?!” The comedian duo Die Doofen wrote their little hit “Mief” in 1995 in an unexpectedly anticipatory way:

“… A nose that’s just fallen in love doesn’t care about the occasional gas. Stuff, stink, stink, stink. Doesn’t say anything about the character. Take me now, even if I stink, ibecause otherwise I’ll say wave wave and goodbye…”

Of the WDR informed about the format ball two: “How can you live happily – today and tomorrow? You can find inspiring, connecting and sustainable ideas on the Facebook and Instagram channels in our section ball two“. Skeptical and rest-thinking citizens now only have the last chance to slowly but consistently and finally say goodbye to the public media – wave wave and goodbye.

More on the subject – “Cleverland” campaign – or: How politics degrades responsible citizens to small children

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