“I think Chile is giving up powers, giving up sovereignty in terms of conflict resolution and that is extremely serious,” said the socialist senator, who criticized the government’s position of advancing in the signing of TPP-11.

Tuesday September 20, 2022 3:02 p.m.

Socialist Senator Alfonso de Urresti pointed out that the approval of the Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP-11) is inconsequential and that President Gabriel Boric’s “brutal” return on the matter seems strange to him.

In recent days, the government has expressed its willingness to advance in the signing of the TPP-11 that is in the Senate, which has aroused strong criticism from social organizations and the ruling party itself, who consider that the Executive is not being consistent with the position he assumed when he was in the opposition.

Senator De Urresti indicated that he has always rejected TPP 11, as expressed by the group of social and academic organizations and “I have formed the conviction that its approval is not convenient. I know that the government is promoting it now, but it seems inconsequential to me, it seems strange to me that such a brutal reversal of position is taken in the face of what the President himself (Gabriel Boric) and other authorities, now governmental, have expressed their opposition to sign this treaty”.

For the legislator, “there are several elements of the TPP-11 that are harmful to the country’s interests, such as” food sovereignty and there are also conflict resolution elements. I believe that Chile gives up powers, gives up sovereignty in terms of conflict resolution and that is extremely serious. It is something that does not favor the country and we will surely have international lawsuits by transnational companies that, in situations of change in conditions, in the face of changes that they want to make in the country, will require us before international courts. I think there is an element that sets off alarms and we have to take it into account”.

Although in Approve Dignidad they have expressed their rejection of the treaty, in Democratic Socialism, another of the official coalitions, there are conflicting positions, such as the vision of the senator, José Miguel Insulza, who is in favor of approving the treaty for the benefits it would bring. for the country.

However, De Urresti expressed his discrepancies in this regard. “I do not share that opinion. I believe that one has to be consistent with what he has argued and in that I would ask President Boric to also maintain what he argued as a deputy, I read it and heard it countless times. I understand that situations can change, but I don’t understand so much change to say something that was clearly counterproductive for the country and that turns overnight into something positive, I don’t understand it. I hope to hear opinions, but my approach, my commitment to the different organizations, especially to small-scale family farming and also to food sovereignty, is to vote against it.”.

Given the political scenario in which the government finds itself, where the right is the one that appears putting the big issues on the agenda, the socialist senator stated that the important thing is that the elements that are positive for the country are evaluated and, in this case, TPP-11 has consequences for the future.

It is hard for me to understand what happened so that something that was mostly rejected by the center left, is today promoted by the government. I look forward to hearing the arguments and doing more research, but I am impressed by this abrupt change in position regarding the benefits of this treaty.”, indicated the legislator.

De Urresti insisted that his vote will be against TPP-11 and it will be the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will ensure support in the Senate.

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Source: radio.uchile.cl

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