PRI members turn their backs on 'Alito' Moreno

The president of PRI in Guasave, Pedro Flores Carvajal, declared that from this moment they they do not know their national leader, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, because he considers that he has done a lot of damage to them and the best thing he can do is leave the position he holds, since his cycle has already closed in this political faction. He assures that although other PRI leaders in the state think the same as him, they have not dared to express it publicly, but he is tired of that and assumes the consequences that this could generate, but ultimately, for him, this character is only harming them, proof of this is that the alliance with PAN and PRD is at risk because of ‘Alito’, because if he does not leave the presidency of the tricolor, that coalition will be without effect. Although the PRI members are aware that it will not be easy to defeat Morena, they take it for granted that if Alejandro Moreno continues to lead the party, there will be no chance of fighting, although the reality is that with or without ‘Alito’ the panorama It is not at all encouraging for the tricolor and fractions that accompany it.

The violence has already disrupted the tranquility in the municipality of Sinaloa, because in a period of four days three people have been executed in that mountain region, specifically in the vicinity of the Cubiri de Portelas community. Surely the mayor of Sinaloa must be concerned about these high-impact events that could be a factor so that visits to that region could be reduced, since they depend a lot on tourism to move the economy of that municipality, and if before it was the pandemic and then the meteorological phenomena that were affecting the visits to the Sinaloa municipality, now it could be the violence that disturbs them.

Those who threw the house out the window in these national holidays It was the authorities of the union of Juan José Ríos, because not in accordance with the traditional event of September 15, in which the City Council provides support, last Sunday they had a great Mexican party, with live music, and even more relevance than those presented in the municipal seat, and how not to show off if they are nothing to become a municipality, and politicians know that there is no time to lose and should take advantage of every opportunity to sample. Margarita González, trustee of Juan José Ríos, was in charge of having a large repertoire and to the liking of the inhabitants, and although they do not have quality services, at least they strive to give bread and circuses to the people.

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Now that the municipal government has been given the task of covering potholes and more potholes on the International highway, those who clamor to be turned around to see them as soon as possible are the drivers who travel daily on Highway 19, where they assure that it is a disaster and from bad to worse. Desperate for the situation, residents of La Trinidad seek an audience with the mayor, Martín Ahumada, or to be attended by the director of Public Works, Esaú López, so that they can be seen in the rehabilitation of highways, as they fear being immersed in an accident caused by that reason.

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