2023 will be an important date for Sony Interactive Entertainmentbecause the manufacturer will release its new virtual reality helmet, the famous PlayStation VR 2. We had the chance to test this new “accessory” during the Tokyo Game Show 2022necessarily, we are obliged to share our first impressions so much the experience was… incredible. You will therefore have understood it with these few little words, yes, we are already convinced by the beast.

When we approached the PSVR 2we were stunned by its size. The helmet is huge! We expected a thinner, smaller product, it is not and it imposes. Obviously, seeing such a size, we had fears about the weight. And, let’s not beat around the bush, we were surprised, because the helmet is extremely light. We had concerns about another point: the darkness. With the PSVR first of the name, at the level of the nose, the light passed through a small space, taking us completely out of our virtual world. playstation solved this concern by including a rubber band all around the eyes, which bends and adapts according to the shape of our face. Results ? We are plunged into darkness… Happiness! But wait, that’s not all. the PSVR 2 vibrates on specific parts of our skull. Imagine that in a game, we take a stone in the head, the helmet will shake to make us feel the impact. Completely captivating!

We say hello to perfection.

And the controllers in all this? The PlayStation VR 2 Sense are based, in part, on the technology of the PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense. In other words, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are there to properly immerse us in an experience. Thanks to vibration, we can feel matter and even the weight of an object ; the pad vibrates at specific areas of the hand. To give you an example, in Resident Evil Village, we had fun throwing our knife and catching it, we actually felt a slight tug, pulling down. So certainly, everything is based on sensations, but the brain is deceived with virtual information to make us discern a false reality. And… it works. To talk briefly about ergonomics, them PSVR 2Sense divinely marry our palms and our fingers, the comfort is maximum. Even the touch is pleasant. What else?

Let’s talk little, let’s talk well, what about the rendering? Pfirst thing that jumps to the eye, it’s extremely thin, neat and detailed ; thank you 4K (2K per eye by the way). So we can say goodbye to the piles of runny pixels in the background and say hello to perfection. Then, the depth fields are much more pleasant, despite the presence of a mini grid. The colors are bright and vibrant. OLED technology is used, the tones are then more pronounced. The blacks are much more accentuated and no longer pull towards gray at all. All this visual excellence plays a lot on the motion sickness which fades in the blink of an eye. Motion blur is less exaggerated, movements seem more realistic, our neurons are less tired, it’s a pleasure to switch into a virtual universe without wanting to give up the ghost.

What is the point not to be overlooked for an optimal experience in a virtual reality world? Comfort. Sony Interactive Entertainment knew how to design a surprising helmet that adapts to all types of skulls. So yes, for those who are wondering, a cable is always present and can disturb during certain sessions; especially if we move in all directions. But it is thin and can easily be hidden in a T-shirt to avoid getting our hands tangled in it. Between the rendering, the sensations and the vibrations, the PSVR 2 was able to charm us in a few seconds. If you like virtual reality experiences, this is the kind of headset that needs to end up at home. In three words: we can’t wait!

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Source: gamergen.com

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