Outside: 7 reasons why the garden also rocks in autumn and winter!

7 reasons why the garden also rocks in autumn and winter!

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A garden – wonderful in summer, useless in the cold season? No way! In autumn the garden really gets cozy. There are 1000 reasons to love being outside even in the cold season or to visit friends in the country again. Here are our top 7.

by Marie Stadler

1. Pick-me-up

Do you find it hard to get out of bed in autumn and winter? Nothing helps better than a deep breath in the garden. Do you hear how still the world is in the morning? This moment of calm is best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Is there a nicer way to start the day? And if it’s not yet light outside when you get up, it doesn’t matter: it’s almost more magical in the dark…

2. Can’t be said often enough: These colors!

Before winter turns everything gray, autumn comes up with the full spectrum of colors once again. Yellow-red leaves on a green lawn, orange pumpkins and purple autumn flowers. Your autumn garden is the perfect place to quickly save how colorful the world can be. So beautiful!

3. Chubby by the fire

An open fire, warm clothing, the smell of flesh and flames – that’s where the Neanderthal in us celebrates. With fresh bread on a stick, the warmth of the fire against cold hands and a nice mulled wine to go with it… It really makes you wonder why most people only barbecue in the summer.

4. Harvest time

Whoever sows wisely reaps all year round. The ultimate pumpkin soup tastes at least twice as good when the pumpkin comes from your own garden. There are also salads and vegetables that grow particularly well in winter. Lamb’s lettuce, for example. Or Brussels sprouts. By the way, you can fight the Brussels sprouts childhood trauma with a lot of sugar in the cooking water. Then sauté in butter and garlic… delicious and not a bit bitter!

5. The view

If it is too frosty or wet for harvesting and barbecuing, you can still look outside. Large grasses look particularly beautiful when they are covered with frost or snow. Incidentally, contact with nature is particularly important for highly sensitive people, say experts. Fortunately, contact with nature is also possible from inside.

6. Winter Wonderland

And no matter how unspectacular it looks in spring and summer… as soon as hoarfrost or snow settles on the garden, the smallest garden becomes a winter wonderland. Then quickly put on a scarf, hat and gloves, put headphones in your ears and turn on Frank Sinatra. For the little moments of wonder in everyday life… And now all of them: Sleigh bells riiiiiiiing, are you listening? In the laaaaaaaane, snow is glistening…

7. Finally being a child again

yes it is cold yes it is wet Yes, it’s childish. But honestly… it makes you so incredibly happy! Quickly invite a few alibi children from the neighbors and off we go. Very important: the shishi that comes on top and all around. By the way, the perfect moment to get rid of that embarrassing fur hat that Muddi brought you back from vacation in Siberia. Oops, forgot about the snowman. Now she’s gone. What a pity!


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