"Music saved my life many times"

Before the pandemic, Molok0 he made an initiatory backpacking trip to the south, which allowed him to rediscover and rediscover a facet of his musical personality. One more linked to the acoustic song, with melody and melancholy. He had been working with trap artists and exploring urban music. But the Patagonian air refreshed his ideasand realized that he wanted to meet his voice from another place.

As soon as he arrived from the south, he bought a used acoustic guitar and began writing some songs in the solitude of his home. The new creative need coincided with the beginning of the quarantine. “In those days, the first thing I connected with was that old guitar and I recorded Fridaytells about his little hit, his most listened to song on his YouTube channel, with almost two million views.

“So, in the south a process began that ended up decanting in the composition and the songs that I released in quarantine,” says the musician and producer born in Villa Domínico. Then came songs like Lights, The noises Y Saltall intimate and with the hallmark of his serene, melodic and night-owl voice.

This year he traveled to Villa La Angostura, also in search of inspiration, and realized that his creative needs had changed a bit, as had the context. “I went to work on the new songs and to think about the live experience,” she says. “And I found a bit more euphoric energy. Because yes, I also enjoy grunge and punk music.”

The result of that search is his recent single what scares methe first preview of an album that will see the light very soon. The production of the song, which was in charge of Luigi Navarro and included mixing by Evlay, has to do with an electric, band sound, close to indie rock. The rest of the album will follow this line and will be released by Caraza Records, Evlay’s label, with whom he has known for years.

The change in sound also responded, he says, to the possibility of starting to play at festivals with this project. “The need began to emerge to generate music for another format, with more energy, to bring it to the live experience,” he says. In fact, in November it will be presented at Primavera Sound and on the 20th of that month at the Nueva Generación festival, in Córdoba.

► I would like to make nothing stop

what scares me It is a simple and beautiful song that pursues a primordial intention: engage in a direct dialogue with the public, without short circuits. “I try to be simple, follow my intuition and capture what happens to me when I write, and not be pretentious,” says Molok0 about the search for simplicity, something he learned listening to Los Redondos, Sumo and Argentine rock.

Molok0 has built, until now, a malleable style that allows him to go from trap (with Dillom, Taichu or CRO) to song or indie without losing identity.. “At one point I confused that versatility with the need to produce. For a matter of trying genres. I like many styles: not only listening to them but trying how they would fit me. And many times I explore the desire to try that type of facets with other artists “, distinguishes.

“I don’t think an artist should dedicate himself to a single genre, I find it much more interesting when one doesn’t expect what the artist is going to do. At some point, when someone stays with a fixed sound, the artistic search dies a bit“, he maintains. “In fact, many times I feel the need, when I already control a sound that took me a long time to find, to go for another. In these years I understood that also you have to prepare the public so that they are willing to accept that you go out with any genderAs long as you remain honest and genuine.”

–How do you get along with that tension between following your creative interest and paying attention to what’s playing?

–It is not the first thing I think about if the subject is going to like people or not. I wonder if it makes me feel convinced of what I’m doing and if it has to do with me; I try not to betray that feeling. Then it’s trusting that instinct: when you’re lucky enough to relate to others, what comes next just happens. I am a producer and obviously I know that there are condiments that make a song more or less commercial.

–What does that answer?

–I think that deep down it has to do with the intention of attracting attention, which happens a lot in the context of the internet and social networks. Because there is a great attention deficit and a great need to attract attention. People’s attention lasts a short time. And something that I have decided in relation to my intuition is that in music we have to generate a slightly more reflective relationship: not in the sense of something profound, but that it can generate a dialogue. Music has saved my life many times, so it implies a responsibility.

–And where does that kind of melancholy come from in your music?

–One of the bands that was hanging around at home and that one day I caught was Nirvana. And it brought me a feeling that I hadn’t had with any other artist: this feeling of music for people who are a bit dysfunctional, that is, who don’t work within the hegemonic standards of humor or emotionality. And lately I’m relating a lot to that feeling I had when I listened to Nirvana.

–What a feeling?

–I feel that there is something of the nineties going around in the air; a cynicism that is seen on the internet and in the frivolity of many topics. And the new record has that energy. Melancholy also has to do with the fact that I am quite a hermit and reserved person. And the way I often have to communicate and socialize is through my music.

► The playful component

The other important facet that Molok0 has been developing for several years is that of producer. Worked with Duki, YSY A, CRO, Kaktov and Neo Pistea in Handsome (2018), and is now working on the production of the Taichu project. “It gives me room to compose and write certain things that I couldn’t in my project,” he says.

The producer role has the playful component of (trying) to be the other person I’m working with, understand the world of the artist and be able to get involved at some point. To be a producer, one has to have the empathetic sensitivity to connect with the other’s work, “he understands.” And that makes me go home with a lot of new ideas. It also helps me a lot when I get away from what I do, because later when I listen to myself again I rediscover myself.”

Credit: Alejandra Morasano

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