An “emotional outburst” led to Monica Oltra to make false statements to the media. This was recognized this Monday by the former Valencian vice president herself in court, according to the transcribed statement to which EL ESPAÑOL has had access.

The exconsellera of Equality and Inclusive Policies went to testify as a defendant in the case against her and thirteen other people for the alleged concealment of the sexual abuse of her ex-husband to a minor protected by the Generalitat. And, before the judge’s questions, Vicente RiosOltra denied previous statements.

In particular, he distanced himself from the following words about the administrative procedure that is analyzed in the case, considered by the Prosecutor’s Office and the instructor a “parallel investigation” or “paralegal” to the one already promoted by the Justice. Said file concluded that the testimony of the abused girl had no credibility.

“I ordered the information file because I needed to know what had happened. I told the general director, and the general director asked to find out what had happened. There is nothing else. Everything else is the desire for a political hunt of the extreme right,” Oltra said when the first accusations were made in her department.

But, before the judge, the leader of Compromís has changed her speech. According to the transcript of her statement, those words were the result of “an emotional outburst.” “The day before, five people had been accused, including the director general, and my son asked me when he heard the news on the radio if those people weren’t my colleagues and if they didn’t have a family, and he asked me if those families would not be suffering as well,” Oltra explained.

“I think that this question from my son was what also sparked off, after an informative breakfast with the media on the Valencian inclusion income. The questions were focused on the accusations. It was a moment of high emotional tension, I even remember that after the journalists there was an official crying, and it seemed very unfair to me that, for what she considered to be a political hunt by the extreme right, people who I think should not be prosecuted, because the
I was the target of the persecution, they and their family were suffering. And it was my way of letting off steam,” she said.

Oltra, although not included in the transcript, also specified that that ‘I’ used in statements to the media was a “singular majestic” (sic).

Download in its subordinate

Mónica Oltra also blamed one of her subordinates for having started the file that discredited the victim, as this newspaper reported on Tuesday. Is about Pink Molero, the general director of Children. According to sources present at the statement, Oltra specified before the judge that it was this leader who activated the file.

The former leader of Compromís went to the Court of Instruction number 15 of Valencia, the person responsible for the case after losing the appraisal with his resignation as deputy in The Valencian Courts. He also abandoned his responsibilities as councilor and vice president due to her situation under investigation.

At the door he received the support and applause of dozens of militants from Initiative, your match. He assured the media before entering that he was “good, calm and collected”. But inside he was met with an exhaustive interrogation. Only the questions of the magistrate, Vicente Rios, lasted for about four hours. There were a total of seven in the total of the declaration. He answered the questions of the judge, the Prosecutor’s Office and the defenses of the rest of the defendants.

One of Oltra’s statements before the judge that most surprised the accusations was the explanation of why -according to his testimony- he did not make any decision when he learned the facts. The former vice president assures that she found out on August 4, 2017, and that just on those days one of her children had to undergo emergency surgery at the hospital.

Death risk

The stay lasted around two weeks in which Oltra, as stated, did not make any political decision. He just asked Michael Royalhis chief of staff, to find out what was going on and act with the utmost diligence.

Such a scenario, that she was absent due to her son’s operation, had not been put forward by the leader of Compromís until now. She did not even mention it in the monographic appearance that she made in The Valencian Courts to break this issue down.

This Monday, however, was very explicit about it. “My concerns those days were that my son would not die and, therefore, I had no intervention or decision on this issue. And when I speak with my Chief of Staff and ask him if anyone knows anything about this in the Ministryin the following weeks, he tells me that the technicians are actually working on the issue and tells me to focus on the child, that is what happens on those days and I do not make any decision on this,” Oltra said before the judge. .

[La Fiscalía pide acceso a los correos de Mónica Oltra y 13 imputados más en el caso de los abusos]

The accusations highlighted this Monday that the interrogation of Judge Ríos was very detailed. They explain that he asked her about each and every one of the actions of the Ministry of Equality that took place since Mónica Oltra acknowledged knowing about the abuses. It was an endless battery of questions that put the leader in a tight spot. To many of them she responded evasively, assuring that she had nothing to do with the movements that followed in her apartment.

Mónica Oltra, on the other hand, spoke optimistically when leaving the City of Justice in Valencia. She repeated that she felt “serene” and “calm”, although “obviously more tired”. She warned that now is “the time to be patient”, the “time of the Administration of Justice” has come, and she trusted that her explanations “convince whoever she has to convince.”

Source: Elespanol

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