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20 Sep 2022 7:12 p.m

The Federal Ministry of Health has had to correct its own statements on the current Corona awareness campaign. The campaign has been shown to contain “editorial errors”. The total budget of the campaign, financed by taxpayers, is around 5 million euros.

The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) as well as the incumbent Federal Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) himself continue to see a need to invest millions of euros in information campaigns in this regard, even in the third Corona year. The latest multi-part series is called “Facts Booster” and, according to the BMG, cost taxpayers a total of 5,144,820.98 euros. The campaign was published via advertisements in “the weekend editions of the regional daily newspapers, in advertising papers and in Turkish newspapers,” is the answer on the site AskTheState. Spots are also broadcast on the radio.

Attentive observers such as the business journalist Norbert Häring and employees of the online magazine Telepolis, specific formulations of the ad were noticed, which have now been proven to be incorrect claims after appropriate clarification. The BMG had to react to this and at least removed the document from its own website. However, Fact Booster #3 of September 6 entitled “Suspected COVID-19” continues to circulate in print publications. To date, the BMG has also failed to inform the public accordingly, for example via its Twitter channel.

The objectionable wording is about the following assertion by the BMG for the campaign:

“Around 10 percent of people who fall ill in Germany are treated in hospital due to a severe course of COVID-19. The focus of the therapy is then usually on supportive measures (e.g. administration of oxygen, drugs to support the circulation or anti-infectives).”

The renowned business journalist Norbert Häring appreciates this claim in an article on his blog money and more as follows:

“That doesn’t even come close to the facts. Not even the order of magnitude is right (…) The source is the RKI’s “Epidemiological Profile on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19″ as of November 26th, 2021, i.e. a source , which is almost a year old and whose dates are even older.”

The wording at issue was also published on the BMG website, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Center for Health Education. Upon written request from Telepolis Representatives of the BMG Ministry “could not explain how an alarming statement came about,” according to the article. According to this, the ministry would have “first answered evasively” to the editors, only to then take the document offline in a further reaction on Tuesday morning, like a spokesman for the BMG Telepolis confirmed upon request.

Regarding the clear criticism of the content of the BMG formulation, the journalist Häring writes in his article:

“But it becomes clear: the information expressed in the present tense in the Ministry of Health’s fact booster is exaggerated by a factor of 10 for the current situation, which is the only one that is of interest today. Even if the horror number were only five or three times inflated, it would be a bold one and certainly deliberately misleading the public. From my legal lay perspective, this is a case of embezzling taxpayers’ money.”

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On Tuesday, the BMG reported on the actual facts that the proportion of people in Germany who are seriously ill with COVID-19 in hospitals is currently “significantly lower” – between four and five percent. In addition, regardless of the BMG representation, it must always be considered that around half of all hospital patients with a COVID diagnosis were not admitted to the hospital for treatment primarily because of a COVID-19 infection. Häring refers to another formulation published in August in Facts Booster No. 2 “The 2nd booster vaccination”, which came personally from the Federal Minister. Lauterbach claimed in a Twitterstatements::, which will be distributed by the campaign:

“We now know that a corona infection can lead to brain damage and, in the worst case, to dementia. With the second booster vaccination, the individual can significantly reduce the likelihood of such late effects – especially in the over 60-year-olds.”

The world asked in the guise of their chief reporter and head of department Tim Röhn regarding the campaign information at the ministry for scientific evidence for this claim and only received one after being threatened legal intervention an (albeit evasive) answer. The BMG merely referred to the alleged existence of studies that were not named or explained in detail, but without addressing the question of the World– Journalists to go into more detail.

There has been no reaction from Minister Lauterbach to date. On September 20, however, he reacted to the investigations initiated against him for disregarding the corona rules. However, the Berlin-Mitte health department has now stopped its investigations into a possible violation of the corona isolation regulations. The trigger for the investigation was the receipt of at least five reports against the Federal Minister. Lauterbach tweeted on this: “Nevertheless, the process was completely ok, the minister also has to comply with his rules.”

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