McKinnon took Panarin's money and at the age of 35 he will earn more than Ovechkin himself

In the NHL, the new king of the dollar mountain. However, not now, but in a year. When Nathan McKinnon’s new $100.8 million contract comes into effect until 2031.

In the coming season, the ten richest NHL will look the same:

1. Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – 12.5 million until 2026 (100 million – the total amount of the contract)

2. Artemi Panarin (Rangers) – 11.643 million to 2026 (81.5 million)

3. Auston Matthews (Toronto) – 11.64 million through 2024 (58.195 million)

4. Eric Karlsson (San Jose) – 11.5 million through 2027 (92 million)

5. John Tavares (Toronto) – 11 million until 2025 (77 million)

6. Drew Doughty (LA) – 11 million until 2027 (88 million)

7. Mitchell Marner (Toronto) – 10.903 million through 2025 (65.408 million)

8. Corey Price (Montreal) – 10.5 million through 2026 (84 million)

9. Jonathan Toews (Chicago) – 10.5 million through 2023 (84 million)

10. Patrick Kane (Chicago) – 10.5 million until 2023 (84 million)

11. Sergey Bobrovsky (Florida) – 10 million until 2026 (70 million) …

18. Andrei Vasilevsky (Tampa) – 9.5 million until 2028 (76 million)

Nikita Kucherov (Tampa) – 9.5 million until 2027 (76 million)

Alexander Ovechkin (Washington) – 9.5 million until 2026 (47.5 million) …

32. Kirill Kaprizov (Minnesota) – 9 million until 2026 (45 million)

As you know, three years ago, the same Colorado, as well as the Islanders, were present in the solitaire free agent from Korkino, ready, as insiders reported then, to pay Khlebushka the same $ 12.5 million per annum that the Canadian miracle boy had long had McDavid. However, Panarin preferred the lights of Broadway with its chic, brilliance and beauty to the Rocky Mountains and Long Island. Albeit squeezing in the Wishlist, Artemy became the second in terms of salary in the NHL.

Colorado boss Joe Sakic did not grieve for long. He extended agreements with all his main bayonets – team captain Landeskog, Makar, Rantanen, gave a second life to Nichushkin, signed goalkeeper Kemper for a penny – and took the 2022 Stanley Cup without much difficulty.

Last summer, the “avalanches” re-signed all the other key characters, with the exception of Kadri, and at the gate for three seasons they trusted Georgiev for a modest fee. As a result, “Colorado” even now does not reach the salary cap (82.5 million), almost one and a half million – 80.59 million.

But a year later, with McKinnon’s biggest $12.6 million contract in the NHL so far activated, Sakic will have to cut meat. Fortunately, then the contracts of veteran defender Johnson (6 million), forwards Comfer (3.5 million), Rodriguez (2 million), Collano, Helm (1.25 million each) will end. In a word, Colorado will have room for maneuver. In addition, at least a million will raise the ceiling of salaries.

Interestingly, the Canadian will receive $85 million out of a hundred in the form of bonuses that are paid before the start of each regular season. Moreover, in the first three years, the bank account of the headliner of the day will be replenished by as much as 50 million! That is, half of this monstrous amount.

Here is the breakdown of payments by season:

2023/2024. 15.725 million (bonus) + 0.775 million (salary) = 16.5 million

2024/2025. 15.725 million + 0.775 million = 16.5 million

2025/2026. 15.25 million + 0.8 million = 16.05 million

2026/2027. 3 million + 9.15 million = 12.15 million

2027/2028. 8.91 million + 0.99 million = 9.9 million

2028/2029. 8.91 million + 0.99 million = 9.9 million

2029/2030. 8.91 million + 0.99 million = 9.9 million

2030/2031. 8.91 million + 0.99 million = 9.9 million

Total – $100.8 million

It should be noted that Joe Sakic appreciated McKinnon’s contribution to the club’s championship: the striker’s current and upcoming championship salary of $6.3 million was doubled at once!

And one more important detail – on September 1, Nathan celebrated his 27th birthday. This means that he will begin to work out the final season under the new contract at the age of 35! Even Ovechkin did not have that kind of money at that age – under a 13-year contract for $ 124 million, Alexander ended up with a salary of 9.538 million against McKinnon’s 12.6 million. The difference is impressive!

And what are the salaries of players aged 35+ now?

Montreal goalie Corey Price is in the lead with 10.5 million. But he seems to have completed his career.

Los Angeles captain Anže Kopitar, 35, has $10 million.

The third is the ubiquitous 37-year-old Ovi with 9.5 million.

Fourth is 35-year-old Sidney Crosby with $8.7 million. The captain of “Pittsburgh” is not destined to catch up with the captain of “Washington”.

Whether there are those who want to outshine McKinnon’s fees, we will find out in the next offseason. My prediction: Toronto will do anything to keep Matthews. Therefore, it is quite possible that the American will be paid 14-15 million per annum in the Maple Leafs! Depending on the length of the engagement.

Source: Sovsport

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