Libido: 6 factors that can explain a decrease in sexual desire

You have probably already had a low libido. Moreover, you are not the only person to have experienced it because this phenomenon, far from being serious, would be experienced by one in three women and one in five men in the United Kingdom, according to a study of the British public health service (NHS). According to the health agency, there are various notable causes.

Problems in your relationship

According to the National Health Service, “relationship problems” are among the most common causes of low libido. If you are going through some hardships in your couple, or if you have been together for a very long time, it is possible that the desire has gradually evaporated. Yet it is not definitive. The solution advised by the NHS is to ‘rekindle the flame’ through ‘therapy’, allowing you to ‘discuss your sexual and emotional issues’.

Mental health issues

If you feel particularly “stressed”, or suffer from “anxiety or depression”, this may explain this change in the level of libido, according to the same source. The best solution is to consult your doctor or start therapy. Thanks to the sessions or an appropriate drug treatment, you can rekindle the desire, and above all, treat your mental health.

pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth can be responsible for a change in your sex drive, according to the NHS. In addition to being stressed and tired, physically and mentally, during these events, your hormones are disturbed and can cause this drop in libido.

Don’t panic if this happens to you after having a baby, according to research published in March 2020 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, “89% can feel sexual desire again six months after giving birth”. Others rediscover it “after 18 months. » Take the time you need, it is normal that your body and your head are not yet ready for the sexual act.

Hormonal changes

A woman’s menstrual cycle goes through many hormonal changes, which can greatly affect her libido, raising or lowering it. However, if there is a milestone in the hormonal life of a woman, it is menopause. This in particular can have consequences on the decrease in libido. Once again, rekindling the flame with a little imagination allows you to find a better libido. However, if this is not enough for you, it is also possible to perform “hormone replacement therapy” to re-elevate the libido.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs

If sometimes one or two drinks can make you feel like your sexual desire is increasing, drinking more – or using drugs – would be a big factor in lowering your libido, especially in men. The obvious solution to this problem: reduce your consumption.

Drug treatment

Certain medications “against hypertension”, “hormonal contraceptives” or “types of antidepressants” can have an impact on your libido. The solution, in this case, is to discuss with your doctor so that he prescribes you, if possible, a treatment adapted to your request.

Source: Psychologies

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