"If I were as good with women as with horses...": Alain, Breton candidate for L'Amour est dans le pré, confides

How did the speed dating go?

It went very well, I met beautiful people and had some very good times. At 73 years old, I am living a superb adventure, which I would never have hoped for in my life. We are taken to very beautiful places. The barge (on which the speed dating took place, Editor’s note) is a magical place. I’m not used to being pampered like this. We’ll see what happens next.

Who is the ideal companion for you?

I am looking for a woman above all funny, with whom to have fun, mess around. I hope to be happy with her, without conflict. The people I’ve met so far seem kind. I can’t be happier than I am now, it’s only happiness, only more. But if I was as good with women as I was with horses, I would have more success!

The announcement of my choice was a very complicated, very uncomfortable moment. We try to do the best we can

What prompted you to do this show?

I signed up because I’m single and have time. I am also very curious. If I manage to find a woman to my liking, it will be perfect. I had done a program on another channel (“Météo à la Carte”, on France 3), but I don’t consider myself famous! I am a simple person. My phone, for example, looks like a calculator, it’s so old! I am also aware that many people would like to be in my shoes.

In Monday’s show, you made a table with stars, based on affinities with your contenders in several areas. Why ?

I did it in relation to Chinese, Celtic and French astrology. I am passionate about this area, it is part of the legends of Brocéliande. I put between one and four stars, depending on the astrological compatibility, in several areas: sex, love, friendship, profession… But it’s not an exact science and I could be wrong. With Isabelle, for example (he had often given her three or four stars in each area, editor’s note), I was wrong. The feeling has not passed. I didn’t have any pictures of her with the letter, so I was going into the unknown.

You have finally decided to take Catherine and Marie-Ange to the country of Brocéliande. Was it difficult to choose?

The announcement of my choice was a very complicated, very uncomfortable moment. We try to do the best we can and I’m here not to hurt anyone. It’s a difficult choice to make because we only have eight to ten minutes per contender. Before that, there were letters and photos, but you can miss a lot of things in a person. The women sometimes come from afar and take the step of making the trip to Paris. When you are on the barge, you are alone with the person. When you tell him no, it’s very unpleasant. The most important thing is not to hurt people. I think I could go a long way and laugh with Catherine and Marie-Ange. But I’m sure there were other beautiful people in my five contenders.

It’s one of the most beautiful periods of my life, it’s out of the ordinary

How about Karine Le Marchand?

Karine is a super caring woman, who loves people and is very approachable. She has an extraordinary kindness. This is why the show does not run out of steam. I ate next to her many times, it’s like she’s my sister now. More generally, when I see the benevolence we have in this show, it’s extraordinary. I have a phenomenal memory of it, it’s one of the most beautiful periods of my life, it’s out of the ordinary.

You said in a previous interview that you don’t watch much television. Did you watch the show Monday night?

Of course, I took a good look, I’m not ashamed of what I did. The cameras don’t bother me, the image they have of me, I don’t care. I watch everything since the beginning of the season, because I know all the candidates and because they are really nice. I also met Nadège (the other Breton candidate), who is also a very nice woman.

During speed dating, you gave a necklace with a stone to your suitors. What does this mean to you ?

The stones come from a store in Mauron (56), just opposite the Momo club. They are related to energies and each corresponds to a particular theme. I wanted to bring something from my region, it’s like a lucky charm.

This summer, a fire affected the forest of Brocéliande. How has this affected you?

We weren’t very far from the fire, especially my daughter and my son-in-law. I even wondered if it was not going to happen to us. Lots of small animals also perished, it’s dramatic. Something really needs to be done to protect this forest.

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