"I was hit very hard by Karin's fate"

Fact: “Burn all my letters”

Alex Schulman’s novel was published in 2018.

The film is directed by Björn Runge. Other main roles are played by Gustav Lindh and Bill Skarsgård. The film opens in theaters on September 23.

Asta Kamma August stars in the film adaptation of Alex Schulman’s novel “Bränn alla mina brev”, which opens in theaters on September 23.

She portrays Karin Stolpe, one of the main characters in the triangle drama that takes place in the summer of 1932.

Karin is stuck in a dysfunctional relationship with the promising writer Sven Stolpe when she falls in love with Olof Lagercrantz, who would later become a giant in Cultural Sweden.

“I was hit very hard by Karin’s fate,” says Asta Kamma August and continues:

— Above all, the struggle to try to get out of a relationship at a time when the framework for what a woman was allowed to do was very strict.

While Olof Lagercrantz and Sven Stolpe are rewritten, posterity does not know much about Karin Stolpe’s emotional life and how she experienced that summer 90 years ago. She kept mostly in the dark during her life and Asta Kamma August thinks that maybe she wanted it that way.

Asta Kamma August in the role of Karin Stolpe in “Bränn alla mina brev”. Archive image.

“But then we come and make a film and tear everything up,” she says, laughing. It is still a kind of vindication that her story is being brought to light.

Psychological grip

Since the story is based on real events, it is no secret how it ends. Karin will remain with Sven Stolpe. It is the story that leads to what is the drama of the film.

For someone living 90 years later, Karin Stolpe’s life choices may seem strange.

— Yes, but I don’t think it’s that incomprehensible. Sven has such an incredible psychological grip on her. He is also ill and believes himself to be terminally ill all his life. I think that threat makes him have her on his little finger.

— He says he will perish if she leaves him. I think he used various forms of threats.

Asta Kamma August was mostly raised in Sweden, but the 30-year-old has lived in Denmark for eight years, where she attended acting school and did theater roles and television series. “Burn all my letters” is the first major role she plays in Sweden.

Actor natural choice

As the daughter of the Danish film director Bille August and the Swedish actor Pernilla August, it was natural for Asta Kamma August to follow in their footsteps.

— It has been quite natural for me. I’ve always thought it was fun and always felt it was what I was good at. I don’t have confidence in anything else really, she says with a smile and continues:

— So I find it hard to see that I would do anything else. Acting, at least I can.

She got to accompany her parents early on to film shoots, who were married between 1991 and 1997. With a Danish father and a Swedish mother, she sees both Denmark and Sweden as workplaces.

— I have some kind of dream about constantly jumping between. To do every other in Sweden and every other in Denmark. Every other theatre, every other film and constantly vary me, she says.

As support, she has her two-year-younger little sister Alba August, who in recent years has had her own breakthrough as an actor, including through the film “Young Astrid” and the TV series “Knutby”.

— It is extremely nice. Alba is my closest person in life. We have grown up so close and it is very nice to have such a person so close to share experiences with, says Asta Kamma August.

Source: Then24

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