How to develop young talent, according to Carlos Costa

On this occasion, we bring Better Connected a Charles Costaformer professional tennis player of great renown in the 90s and current manager of Rafael Nadalas well as Head of Business Development of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

Costa tells us throughout this interview the importance of the different factors when developing the sporting talent of young people. Factors that range from the family environment to the good selection of professionals, passing through mental health. Join us and discover them with us.

How to develop the sports talent of young people

During Costa’s youth, the training of young sports talent was not at all as we know it today. At that time, it was common to find tennis coaches who, although it is true that they dominated the theoretical concepts of sportThey hadn’t been professional. Thus, they were not capable of transmitting knowledge and experiences typical of a professional.

Costa tells us that, in his case, in addition to not having a former professional tennis player as a coach, the rest of the preparation was somewhat archaichaving to prepare physically, for example, with an athletic trainer.

This is all very different today.. Currently, tennis players and most athletes have the help and advice of expert coaches in your sportwho in addition to knowing the fundamentals of sport, also know everything that an athlete goes through, the good and the bad timesas well as how to deal with them.

Factors that affect the development of sports training

The environment It is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental factors that affect the development of sports training, as well as being a fundamental factor for lead a good life, in general. In the case of tennis, have a family that supports you and know how to transmit some good values from childhood is essential.

It is also important that this familiar surroundings don’t meddle too much the training and development of their children. In the end, the role of parents is to find the best option for their children, and once they have decided to hire technical team of adequate professionalsit is very important to let these act, since they know better than anyone how to promote the sporting talent of the youngest.

Another factor that affects the development of sports training, as well as in personal development, is the search to train people before athletes. This may perhaps seem contradictory if we are talking about try to train the sports talent of young people, but it is essential. In Costa’s words: “If you only train the athlete and not the person, this can play against their sports development.”

East growth as a person It also goes through the mental health of the athlete. Throughout his training and his career as an athlete, it is common to go through times of crisis and ups and downsand having the support of a professional can be very beneficial for the athlete’s development: learning to lose, managing frustration, overcoming complex situations… fundamental aspects for sports and personal development.

Carlos Costa already says: “before the athlete is the person, but the important thing is the person, if we train athletes who are not good people, it is very difficult for them to have a long life as athletes.”

The sports references

Costa emphasizes the difference between sporting references and having “Mirrors”. Sports references are fundamental, and if they are teammates, people with whom you have grown as an athlete and playereven more.

In his case, he had great sports references such as Manolo Orantes or Manolo Santanabut he always highlights the importance of Emilio Sánchez, a great exponent of Spanish tennis and training partner of Carlos Costa.

Costa summarizes this process as follows: «It is good to have references, but it is not good to compare yourself with the one next door. In the end you have to focus on your training, listen and talk to the people around you so you don’t get stuck as an athlete and improve.

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