If you have modern Apple devices or some other AirTag, you may find yourself in this situation: you go to town or sleep over at a friend’s house and as soon as you leave your things there to go for a walk, whoosh: notification on the Apple Watch telling you that you have left some things in “an unknown place”.

It is logical: iOS only detects that you are not at home and notifies you, it does not know that the place where you have left your things is trustworthy. And if you are going to frequent that place enough times, what in theory should be a life-saving warning becomes a nuisance. Let’s see how we can fix it in iOS 16.

Don’t bother me anymore, I know where I left my iPad

It may occur to us that we can put an end to these notices by adding a new address in our contact list, but no: what we have to do is assign a trusted location from the Find app. Here are the steps to achieve it:

  • Open the Find app and go to the ‘Devices’ section.
  • Select one of your devices, any of them, and click on ‘Notify in case of forgetfulness‘:
find object iphone

  • A list of reliable addresses will appear, from which you will not be notified if you leave the device. Right under that list you have the option to add a new location:
find iphone reliable addresses

  • There you can enter the address manually, and the Map will show you a radius of action that you can make larger:
Assign reliable address maps apple search

  • After choosing the address correctly and pressing ‘OK’, you will be offered the option to add that reliable address only for the device you have selected or for all devices. Select the option that suits you best and you will be done:
assign reliable address find iphone

You forgot the iPhone!  How to set iOS 16 notices for when we leave it behind

This option frees you from excessive warnings, but beware of abusing her: Only one of those notices is able to save you from losing a device or an item with AirTag that is not exactly cheap. Choose well which addresses to choose as trustworthy: with great power comes great responsibility.

Source: www.applesfera.com

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