Guide and advice to buy an oil radiator for the winter

If you want to get some warmth on the cold days ahead, there is nothing better than having a radiator nearby. If you don’t want to spend electricity, we will teach you what you need to know about oil radiators.

With the escalation of electricity priceswe have to look for increasingly efficient appliances.

Not everyone has central heating at home and a oil radiator It becomes an economical and effective alternative.

If you want to know more about them, keep reading, because we are going to explain what you need to know and we will give you some examples of the best oil radiators on the market.

  1. What is an oil radiator?
  2. Factors to consider
  3. Orbegozo RF 1500
  5. Cecotec Ready Warm 5750 Space 360º
  6. Jata R111
  7. De’Longhi Radia-S

What is an oil radiator?

These types of devices are electrical appliances whose objective is to radiate heat. To carry out this action, they use electrical energy to heat an oil that they have insider of its iron panels, also known as elements.

As the internal oil and metal heat up, the room temperature starts to rise. It is a system that has been used for a long time and technology has made it more and more efficient, consuming less for greater heat.

Durable thanks to its construction, its costs have become cheaper over time. It won’t cost you much and will accompany you during many cold seasons.

They are good appliances they just need a plug to work. In fact, they require almost no maintenance since the oil does not have to be changed from one use to another.

Factors to consider

These types of instruments have a series of features to look at to be able to decide what we acquire. There are many models on the market and some are very similar to each other, so we must be attentive to what we may need.

  • Power.- The higher the power, the more it will heat a larger room. They may also consume more. Normally, they have several modes that use more or less power and we recommend that you choose a model of this style.
  • Displacement.– These devices will be used to move it around the house. You should choose one with wheels or, at the very least, a handle that makes it easy to move around. It is a type of extra that becomes necessary in this type of machines.
  • Items.- The number of metal parts to be heated is important. It will usually influence its size and power. If we want something for small places, we will choose an oil radiator with a smaller number of elements. The normal thing is to find them between 7 and 11 elements, so it will depend on what you are looking for.
  • Consumption.- These electric radiators usually have a low consumption. Their energy efficiency is not bad and they will help us save on the bill. Now, if we want it to heat large places, it will have more power and consume more.

Orbegozo RF 1500

Orbegozo RF 1500 for sale on Amazon

This is one of the oil radiators cheapest on the list. It has a size of 63 centimeters in height and weighs only 1 kg.

It has a power of 1,500 W and 7 elements that emit heat. Its safety thermofuse technology has a limiter and a light that tells us when it is on.

Its design is traditional and It has wheels to be able to move it between rooms. We can choose between 3 different versions. one of 1,000 W, the one of 1,500 W and a higher one of 2,000 W, but it can go up in price in excess. We recommend the intermediate option that costs 58.90 euros.


ZONEGA oil radiator for sale on Amazon

a radiator super compact that you can take with you to all parts of the house.

Despite being a very cheap model, you can get it for less than 30 euros, It has functions such as the timer or the remote control, so you can save as much as possible on consumption.

With the echo mode, It will automatically maintain the chosen temperature constantly.

Cecotec Ready Warm 5750 Space 360º

Cecotec Ready Warm 5750 Space 360º for sale on Amazon

If you want a radiator at a good price that has significant power along with a good construction, this is the best option.

With 7 elementsyou can choose between three different powers (600 W, 900 W and 1,500 W) thanks to its thermostat.

It is designed so that the heat arrives before to all corners. In addition, it has wheels that will help us move it from one side to another.

You can buy it for 111 euros on Amazon. It’s a machine to keep in mind.

Jata R111

Jata R111 radiator for sale on Amazon

Now with a 20% discount, this oil radiator keeps the heat for longer.

It has 11 maximum performance heating elements and a thermostat adjustable with 4 positions different. So you can have heat à la carte.

In addition, with its wheels and its compact size, this Jata will be able to accompany you. Has a comfortable carrying handle and a 150 centimeter cable (with a practical cable winder).

De’Longhi Radia-S

De’Longhi Radia-S for sale on Amazon

one of the radiators top rated, with 4.6 stars out of a maximum of 5. It has 1.5 KW of power which will allow you to have constant heat in rooms of up to 60 m3. Also, it is very quiet.

The temperature is easily adjusted thanks to your digital panel, you can regulate the degrees, the power and the automatic on and off time. Remember that even after turning it off, the oil continues to release heat for a long time.

There is no excuse for not being warm in winter. These devices will make sure that any corner of our house is more welcoming and will offer us a much higher temperature to the one on the street.


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