Frustration at Casa Rosada over Macri's latest statements

From the Government they evaluate that the declarations Sunday of the former president and leader of Together for Change, Mauricio Macricomplicate the possibility of dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition. “They don’t help and they are a strong signal that sitting down to talk is going to be more difficult than we thought“, they say in Casa Rosada. The attempts to build bridges, which have the Minister of the Interior as the main person in charge of this task Eduardo “Wado” de Pedrolittle by little they cool down.

From the government, however, they are not resigned: “Obviously they are breaking the bridges and Macri’s statements show a position that complicates and represents the hard core of the opposition, which does not want to sit down to dialogue under any circumstances, but below follows the dialogue“, they assure.

Mauricio Macri’s criticism of Pedro’s Wado

On Sunday night, during an interview on LN+, Macri questioned the interior minister without naming him when he said: “The one who said that there were three tons of speeches from the opposition and the media who had triggered the weapon began to make that call.” De Pedro was not watching television at the time, but he later read the fragment in which Macri mentioned him and asked his collaborators to cut the video. As much as the minister has not been speaking with Macri directly, the statements set off the alarms and bothered him.

From the Government they maintain, in dialogue with this newspaper, that the former president “does not even wink at the dialogue” although they clarify that this does not mean that they do not continue talking with second or third lines within Together for Change and that, for more than the dialogue does not advance, “Not all the bridges have been detonated yet.”

In the opposition the arguments for which they do not sit down to dialogue are several. Some leaders complain because They say that “there was no formal call”and also because It bothers them that the government does not propose “an agenda.” In this line, from the ruling party they clarify that before an agenda, there must first be the predisposition to dialogue. They explain that the task of the Minister of the Interior, at first, was to “explore” what possibilities existed to sit down and talk and that is why he called several opposition leaders with whom he usually talks. Peter’s he did not summon them to a table with time, date and place, but rather picked up the phone and told them that it was necessary to meet after the assassination attempt. The opponents who attended him told him that yes, that seemed fine to them, but that they had to put it to the consideration of the party.

At that point, they explain in Casa Rosada, the radicals understood and said yes. It was the case of Emiliano Yacobitti, Facundo Manes Y Gerardo Morales. The governor of Jujuy, they remember, even signed the note from the governors of the northern region in repudiation of what happened. The problem, they consider, is the PRO.

Although within the party he leads Patricia Bullrich —a leader who not only did not repudiate the attack, but said that the ruling party made political use of what happened— there are several leaders who have stated that they are willing to talk in private, they cannot express it in public for fear of reprisals from the so-called “hawks” within its space. The decision of the Minister of the Interior, after speaking with several of them, was do not give the names of your interlocutors. That is how they were asked and today, after Macri’s statements, they say that “it is more than clear why they did not want to be named.”

On the famous “agenda” that the opposition is asking for, the ruling party maintains that From what happened with CFK, the idea was to sit down and talk to see if they could reach some point of agreement. The Home Secretary believes that 40 years after the recovery of democracy, it is necessary to seek “basic agreements”. “It is necessary for the political class to show itself united in front of society and say: this is the limit. To give a message against political violence, against hate speech, against the crack and express that what happened to CFK can happen to anyone”, they say that he says of Pedro.

Even so, the Government allows room for irony. “What does the opposition want the agenda to say: ‘point one: killing presidents is wrong; point two: it is not worth the return of the military’?” explains one of its members. And now with a less humorous tone, he summarizes: “If they show willingness, the possibility of an agenda can be explored, but first they have to sit down because we all know what this call is about. The idea was to sit down and talk as mature leaders.”

The second argument that Macri did not use, but other members of the opposition did, such as the head of the PRO bloc in Deputies, Cristian Ritondo, is that the dialogue has to take place only within the framework of the Congress. In the Government, of course, they already know that this space exists, but the initial idea —which was agreed upon by the different official tribes— was to go on several fronts at the same time.

At the parliamentary level, the president of the block in the Senate is working on this front, Jose Mayansand the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau. Even so, from the FdT they understood that —after a man shot the head of the Vice President— it was also necessary to generate dialogue from the partisan. In this they were exploring paths not only De Pedro, who has a more political and “shipowner” role, but also the Chief of Staff, John Manzur, as another of the key interlocutors when speaking with the governors. “Obviously we know that Congress is an area for debate, but the idea is to do it at all levels”they say from Casa Rosada.

The truth is, After Macri’s statements, the feeling in Balcarce 50 is one of frustration. This week the Minister of the Interior plans to travel to different provinces and on the 25th he will undertake a tour of the United States with ten governors —including two opponents— that will keep him out of the country until the 30th, therefore, the call will remain, in fact , in a pause.

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