Finally, the PJ of Salta received Cristina at its headquarters

Yesterday, A painting of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kircher was discovered at the headquarters of the Justicialist Party in Salta. The act thus became the first recognition that Justicialism from Salta makes to the person who was twice President of the Nation. In addition to being a key figure, accompanying Juan Manuel Urtubey to be consecrated governor, participating by the justicialista wing.

The event, which was organized by the militants of The Campora Jumpswas attended by various organizations and political parties that are recognized under the framework of the front of all, in addition to members of the Justicialist Party. Before Cristina’s painting could be seen, different speakers were heard who highlighted the need to maintain unity in the current context, with a view to the upcoming electoral year.

One of them was the representative of the Justicialista Party, Gastón Galíndez, who assured before Salta/12 that the path of unity is a debate that “always has to take place”, especially if it is understood that “We must not be behind the leaders, but think about the values ​​that our movement represents, which is to be accompanying the people”.

The representative maintained that from the local justicialismo they want to discuss a country model where “the people are inside”, emulating the words that the national deputy and leader of La Cámpora, Maximo Kirchner, delivered in March of this year. Galíndez said that for this to happen, people must have genuine work and opportunities.

“I think it is our future and our north,” he said, stressing that it is necessary to protect the valuable conquests of Peronism, which made it possible for “young people to have opportunities,” for example. “That is the union that we must put on the table and based on that, know what project model we want for our country and what will find us united,” he assured.

The motto of unity was not being the key in Salta’s justicialismo, since the figure of Cristina Fernández herself was resisted by different party leaders over the years. Even having Juan Manuel Urtubey as governor and visible ally of the then President of the Nation.

Although the current governor, Gustavo Sáenz, was not victorious in 2019 going along the line of justicialism, in the 2021 legislative elections he played in public alliance with the PJ. From that moment and until yesterday, the vice president had not been recognized either.

For Galíndez, the resistance to the image of Cristina in Salta by the PJ was due to the “machista look” that exists in the province, but said that “little by little barriers are being broken”. In this sense, he affirmed that the main referent of the Front of All, represents the struggle of women in politics, but is also “the best political picture in Argentina”.

“They attacked the flagship”, Galíndez said, referring to the assassination attempt suffered by the vice president on September 1.

For its part, Cristina Lobo, who was an authority of the Salta PJaffirmed that the attack, which occurred almost three weeks ago, allowed the political arc of the entire country to reflect, and particularly “to this Salta society, which resisted and continues to resist the figure of Cristina”.

For Lobo, this situation also responds to a gender issue, since he said that it is based on the patriarchal and macho matrix that prevails in the province, where the figure of the vice president “has never been highlighted”; in Compared to Néstor Kirchner himself, he recalled that the former President of the Nation even has a bust in the Salta party headquarters. The figure of Cristina does have great acceptance in small towns in the province, especially in the Chaco of Salta.

“Néstor came to the party, he was here. However, Cristina, who gave a lot for the province of Salta, plus the PJ, who was given a governor, had never been paid a tribute,” said Lobo. He assured that what has happened in recent weeks “calls us to reflect” and that “Peronism has to start working in a different way.” He also said that it is the moment in which one has to make mea culpa, “take the places of the PJ and not criticize him from the outside.”

“From now on, we are going to occupy the space that Peronism always had in the province of Salta”, which is “next to those who have the least”, express.

Lobo was one of the women who discovered Cristina’s painting, together with the former national deputy Sylvia Trojan, the provincial senator for San Carlos Sonia Magno, and the leader of the Women’s Front of La Cámpora, Marisol Ruarte. Referents from the political spaces Kolina, Nuevo Encuentro, Felicidad, La Compañera, among others, also participated.

call to youth

The referent of the Youth Front of La Cámpora Salta, Santiago Zamorasaid at the act that as young people and Peronists they understand the responsibility that they have to live in this part of history. “We are heirs to a dream that can be possible, only if today we embrace each other and understand the need for unity among Peronists, because the attack on Cristina was an attack on her policies, her ideas, which are ours, which are Peronists,” he said.

He argued that a youth with a vocation, aware of the past and committed to the present is needed to work “in pursuit of a viable future that we deserve for our country.” “This vocation, an unbreakable political vocation, was what Néstor and Cristina gave us,” he assured.

He also stressed that the referents of Kirchnerism managed to empower millions of young people throughout the country with participation in the “design and managers of national policies to be able to improve the lives of each of the people of the Argentine people in all areas. “. Cristina, he said, materialized politics in the lives of those millions of young people.

Definitely, “What Cristina has given us young people is the effective conviction that we can change realitymarking the course that we militants must follow to give the substantive discussions that are necessary, with arguments, concrete facts and a clear horizon, “he said. And he stressed that training within his space has been fundamental in this 12-year process to “understand what Peronism means for our people”.

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