Cosima Ramirez: "I dressed in mourning to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II, black gives me a huge curiosity"

Csima Ramrez find your site. For a couple of years, the meditic daughter of gatha Ruiz de la Prada and Pedro J. Ramrez has lived in London, where she studies literature and tries to “open new horizons and give a turn into his life, without it being abrupt,” he tells us, to escape the influence of his powerful ancestry. “Both my father and my mother have their own thing and I want to walk away a little,” he explains.

both are two titans in hers, great examples of work for her – “Although radical, I have at home the inspiration what needs to be done to achieve success“, he assures, but it is something that sometimes weighs on him. “I look too much like me mother. And it is an eternal problem. On the make-up set they just told me: ‘Wow, you’re looking more and more like her!, which she has done to me. little grace... Although it’s great, I’m not complaining,” he says with a laugh.

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We talked to her in Madrid, just arrived from United Kingdom, where he has lived in first person the death of Elizabeth II. She, who has studied at the same boarding school as the princesses Elena and Cristina and that he will inherit the titles of his mother – who holds the marquisate of Castelldosrius and the baronne of Santa Pau-, she is far from considering herself a monarchist or feeling part of the nobility -“That is from another time. I could swear that my mother cares a little, but merely as a memory of her childhood, far away, and of a world that not even she has lived” – but the same night she died Isabel II came up to him Buckingham Palace, like another tourist “It was full of people, it was a historical moment, but also a surreal scene, everyone was recording videos for their networks, it seemed like a metarealityThey weren’t really upset, just hanging on their phones.”

The next day, he went into mourning, “wearing a navy blue suit jacket and a black and white handkerchief. For a normal person it’s not much, but for me it’s a lot.” radical mourningI laugh. “I don’t know why I did it. The queen was a icon beyond being a monarch, he behaved with an elegance that is not usually seen in almost any context, especially in one royalist. In Spain we have not seen that type of character. She is unique and in England she marks a before and after. This is an interesting time, for the king charles iii it is being a very complicated transition and England is in a difficult moment; let’s see what happens.”

“fashion is politics”

Here he has spent a few days to be part of the jury of the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion Awardwhich has just been held on the occasion of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and that has recognized the firm Reparto, made up of Ana Viglione Y margil pea. “It was the first time I’ve had to judge someone and it’s quite a responsibility, but it’s also been quite a challenge. honor and a surprise that they consider me expert in my little field. Although it is true that I was born with fashion, I have grown up with it, backstage, it is something that I have internalized”, he points out.


Csima Ramrez with the Valladolid designer Juan VG, a participant in the Allianz EGO Showroom.Angel Navarrete

Their vote has rewarded above all that the garments have something to say, “because fashion is not just clothing, it is identityis a sign to the authority, the most immediate way to decide what you want the world to be. Fashion is staticbut it is also politics“, he adds. We talk about this union between fashion and politics, and his particular vision of the world, in this interview.

Who would you point out as the new star of Spanish fashion?
I stay with Palomo Spain. It is more than consolidated and established, but its impact is very visible in the new generations.
And the great icon of made in Spain is…
Balenciaga. They are doing very beastly, very sloppy and controversial things. Sometimes you see something with exorbitant prices and it’s silly, and other times you see garments that pay homage to Balenciaga that… The same designer will turn over in his grave seeing what they do with his name, although other things will make him very funny. Fashion is very contradictory, it is many things at the same time. He has facets that sometimes shock us, make us pay millions for things that are not worth it, although other times you find something that is priceless at a very affordable cost…
You say that fashion is political. What can politicians do for the made in Spain?
Wear much more Spanish fashion. It seems to them a controversial subject, but it is nonsense. They are public figures with a lot of visibility and they have to launch themselves. If they did, they would have more fans, especially among young people, they would come with their messages. The suit and tie are things of another generation. Fashion is an interesting vehicle for them, it allows them to be in contact with what really matters to the people on the street.
And if I ask you to choose, point to one to get all that…
It’s so complicated…, they all end the same. I loved politics when I was 15 years old and very innocent. Now it exasperates me, as soon as one emerges, they hunt it down. The party system means that no one can be brilliant or charismatic. I won’t pick any of them. Pablo Iglesias at the beginning of it made me very funny, and that my context is always right-wing. But he has ended up like all the others, highly questionable, with a moral and political position totally sold to the system. They are also all very aggressive, and that is very unpleasant, because it is the opposite of what his job should be: peacemaker. They are fighting all the time and they make us all look very bad.
Put to change styles, what do you recommend to the women who rule, for example to Isabel Díaz Ayuso?
That they wear clothes of the people, of the street, of the young people who have been in this Allianz Ego award. I recommend that you take the plunge and dare. We need leaders with charisma and personality.
And to Queen Letizia? What would you have liked to give her for her 50th birthday?
Some very fall gatha dresses. I hope she dares to be more herself, to be less perfect. She has been a punk for a long time and we believe her, the ideal is that now she becomes a bit of a punk, for example, that she perform State functions dressed as a giant cupcake.

Angel Navarrete

Do you consider yourself the heir to your mother’s empire?
Not the truth yet. I have had many facets in which I have been a minigatha and I am amazed by this universe, our world. And my brother Tristán is also very involved and doing great. But I see my mother with a lot of energy and without any desire to let go of anything from the empire.
Are you more of an influencer or businesswoman?
Neither of them, I’m not very good at those areas. I would like to live from other things, I would love to write. I see myself more in the academic world than in the business world, and the influencer world is very tiring. I don’t know how far it will go, because digital and real life are not the same.
What would you say to those who say that your clothes are not serious?
That clothes and life don’t have to be, depends a lot on your attitude and what you want to do. Our clothes are experiential, putting on one of our dresses transforms you, it’s like wearing a walking work of art. It’s not conventional, but we don’t want to be.
Is your extravagant style a reflection of a personality that is also extravagant?
Yes, I’m quite extravagant, bordering on pushy (re), but I have my moments. In the end, part of personality is inherited.
But despite this image, little is known about your private life, due to shyness or other reasons?
Because I am less modern in my way of life than many other people. I don’t like the digital world, it distracts us, makes us addicted and exposes us. I like the calm life. Of course I upload photos to the networks, but if I’m really having a good time, I don’t have to share it with the rest of the world.

You have an open position regarding sexuality and some already see you as the next queer icon. Would you like to be?
Icons always make business of the matter, so I wouldn’t mind (re). People need references, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I don’t mind being a gay icon, but I don’t like to talk about my private life, because then it changes and it’s not private anymore.
Are you saying that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one sexuality, and to one person?
You don’t have to limit yourself at all. They are few others. Young people of my generation are not shocked that you are bisexual, polysexual… whatever. And polyamory is making a comeback.
What is the most daring thing you have done?
I hope I have left to do.
Have you ever dressed in black?
In my adolescence, in the age of the turkey. And now I’m having a resurgence. Black transforms me and going out to a party dressed all in black gives me a huge morbidity. I don’t dislike mourning, sometimes I like it a lot, too much (re).
If we opened your closet would we find something that is not agathized?
Yes, sure. Today I am aghatized and not, with a Maison Mesa look. Just because I wear a lot of gatha doesn’t mean I don’t like other kinds of fashion. It’s important to support other designers and play around a bit, with mixes and proposals from people you’re interested in. The history of the garment also goes back a long time, that they tell you why they have made it makes it become something more than a t-shirt.
And would we also see a piece from Zara?
No. It seems like a perfect option to me, but I have almost nothing. Something will have slipped in at some point, because my closet is full of things. But come on, be 0.01%, or less.

In that full closet, Csima claims beauty in all kinds of sizesfrom the thinnest to the curvybecause “the models are a fantasy and they do not represent us to the rest of the humans”. She, who has been more of her father than of her mother all her life, would like to resemble him “because he is hard-working and brave”. But she recognizes that in the genius is the same as your mother“and also a little in megalomania, but very little (laughs). I’ll get there..”


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