AMLO goes to the Senate to buy consciences!

As he usually does from time to time –in moments of crisis–, the Mexican president went shopping.
In effect, López Obrador went to the market of consciences called the Senate of the Republic, in search of new allies to materialize one of his most desired political projects; the militarization of the country.

But it is also true that the Mexican president knows well that to “make chicken broth”, “a chicken” is required.
That is to say, in order to seek “allies”, you must first find the “dirty rags” of your potential new friends to achieve, in this way, stimulate the betrayal of the opposition senators; whether they are from the PRI, the PAN, the Citizen Movement and/or the PRD.

In other words, it turns out that Palacio’s guest put to work all the institutions of espionage and persecution of the Mexican State, to search -even under the stones–, “the dirty rags” of the senators or the senators of the PRI, PAN, PRD or MC.
And it is that, as you know, in politics everyone and everything has a price; more or less depending on the “skeletons” in the closet.
In this way, one of the highest prices -which is even quoted in gold-, is “blind loyalty”, that which does not admit the slightest questioning.

In turn, the “unconditionality” to a government, a party or a political group, is priced in silver.
And the least quoted is the “flashback” to a political party or group for the benefit of the other; disloyalty that is paid with a rude handful of coins thrown on the ground.
But what is “priceless” –and for this reason it is invaluable in politics–, is the surrender or “betrayal” of the adversary for the benefit of a cause, a party or a group in power, as is the case of the brunette party.

And that is the example that concerns us; the pressure, blackmail and extortion that is promoted against senators from the opposition parties, from the Palace, by the owner of Morena.
A blackmail that pretends that PRI, PAN, PRD and/or MC senators betray their respective parties, in exchange for helping the militarization project proposed by the Mexican president in Congress.

And for this reason, because the betrayal of a handful of senators from the PRI, the PAN, the PRD and/or the MC may favor Morena and the Obrador project, many are interested in stimulating and rewarding the betrayal with gold or with impunity. of the tricolor, blue or yellow senators.
A betrayal that means disloyalty to the party of origin, in favor of the vote for the militarization of the country – an initiative proposed by the Palace -, but publicly rejected by both the PAN, the PRD, the Citizen Movement and a sector of the PRI. .

And for that reason -because it is a fundamental objective of the López government–, the president himself took it upon himself -personally– to go out to the market of consciences called the Senate of the Republic, to select the most appetizing traitors. from the shelves of the disloyal market.

By the way, a task well known to López Obrador, who even among the political class is dubbed the king of political pressure, blackmail and extortion to achieve his goals.
But what they did not calculate in the Palace was that from within “the nest of bedbugs and rats that the presidential house has become–, they have their own traitors.
Or if you like, it turns out that in the Palace they have a handful of Mexicans who are not willing to play the game of betrayal in favor of AMLO.

For this reason, a Palacio source revealed to the author of Political Itinerary -last Sunday afternoon– that López Obrador had personally taken charge of the task of bending the consciences of at least four senators -two from the PAN and two from the PRI–, to achieve a majority of votes, in the Senate, in favor of their initiative to militarize the country.
We made the revelation last Sunday afternoon, on the Twitter account of the author of Political Itinerary; information that thousands of Palace botargas tried to discredit.

However, the version was confirmed by different journalistic sources that, in a timely manner, abounded in names, surnames and party affiliation of the alleged traitors.
In the end, it was clear that all the machinery and apparatus of the Mexican State -starting with President López–, were set in motion with a central objective; bend senators from the PRI, PAN, PRD and MC, to make the perverse objective of the dictator López Obrador a reality.

And it is that between today Tuesday and next Thursday, in the Senate of the Republic the discussion, opinion, discussion, approval and/or rejection of the illegal constitutional amendment to militarize the country will take place.
And to win that vote, two thirds plus one of the senators present in the plenary hall are required.
And until yesterday, Morena lacked the vote of eight senators, the same ones that President AMLO is trying to buy.

At the end of the day we will see what the opposition senators are made of and, -if applicable-, we will confirm if the so-called opponents respond to the commitment that led them to the high position of Senators of the Republic.
For now, today the currency is up in the air, but very soon we will know the size of the responsibility of those representatives of the federal pact.
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