7 Android applications with which to send files to a computer without using a data cable

If you want to start sending files to a computer without using a data cable, pay attention to this collection of 7 applications for Android mobiles.

Sending files to a computer without using a data cable is possible and even more so when you have an Android mobile phone. We have immersed ourselves in the Google application store to find several apps that are capable of offering this feature that, in truth, makes life a lot easier in general.

And, it is that, normally there is no time or desire to connect the mobile by means of a cable to the computer and, sometimes, we do not even have the cable to carry out this task. What we normally have on us is both the mobile device that has an internet connection thanks to the operator and can broadcast a WiFi connection to the laptop.

Having only the mobile phone on top and with a network created by the device itself or one of free use, be it that of a private home, restaurant or cafeteria, files can be sent to a computer without the need to use a data cable. The truth is that this is an option to consider in quite key situations..

Feem V4

The first application on this list is Feem V4, despite the fact that it has a rather old-fashioned design, what we find is an application that can send files to the computer without connecting a cable. In addition, items can also be sent from the computer to the mobile phone. Direct link to the Google Play Store.


AirDroid is possibly one of the most used applications to accomplish the task that gives theme to this collection of applications. Taking this into account, we find ourselves with a very complete application that has a homonymous program for computers that allows us to manage these transfers. Direct link to the Google Play Store.

Resilience Sync

The next app on the list is called Resilio and it has a pretty cool feature: there are no limits on the number of files you can send to your computer and there is also no weight limit for these files. Taking this into account, the truth is that it may be one of the most interesting options. Direct link to the Google Play Store.


Xender is another application that is part of this list, one of its best features being the ability to share files almost instantly thanks to its fairly fast transfer in general. Also, it is not necessary to install any program on the computer where you want to receive the information. Direct link to the Google Play Store.


The latest application created specifically to send files between Android mobile phones and computers without using a cable is Zapya. What this application allows is to connect to the computer through a wireless network, allowing the sending and receiving of data that can be photographs and videos. Direct link to the Google Play Store.


Leaving aside the applications designed to send data between phones and computers, we also have somewhat more conventional options. Google Drive is one of these options and to use it what you have to do is upload everything you want to this cloud, then download the contents from the computer. Direct link to the Google Play Store.


Telegram has a cloud that has no storage limit and this makes it a very interesting option for all those people who send a huge number of items. The only problem we found is that Telegram only supports files with a maximum size of 1 GB. Direct link to the Google Play Store.

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