“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would fall apart, I would still plant my apple tree.” Martin Luther King

I invite you to the future, close your eyes, breathe, we are in 2025, it is the first day of the year. Since October 1, 2024 there is a new head of the executive power. Three months have passed. López Obrador ruled for five years ten months, 2,131 days. It was two months to the six. There was an adjustment in the constitution, he doesn’t understand it, it causes noise, the subconscious took note of the injustice, look at this adjustment, it’s not worth it!

From October to December the dependencies have been reviewed, there is not a day that an issue does not make those responsible for public policies tremble; health, education, economy, social programs, environment, security.
There is not enough money, those who make up the cabinet, men and women, are facing the greatest challenge of their professional lives. Three months have passed, on Monday, January 6, they must present the diagnosis of the state of the public administration, each dependency considers it to be worse than the others. In three months they must complete the planning. Repair is priority. The years to come must be clothed with hope. The first coalition government is possible.

Let’s go back to the past, 1968, the left in Mexico looks with suspicion, sometimes with hatred at the armed forces, there is talk of repression in the cafes in the center of the capital, many students who participated in the protests prior to the Olympiad, that’s what they told me. It is not the Prague Spring, nor the French May, it is 68 in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco in Mexico, Federal District, the students question their world, since then in our country, the Army has stayed out of the relationship with the civilians.

In the present I think of a conversation, or rather I imagine it, between Salvador Martínez della Rocca -Pino- from Mochita and Pablo Gómez who would say to each other about the idea of ​​having the army in absolute control of public security, which should be a matter of civilians. To the boy Gómez who protested and was imprisoned, what do you think of the president’s initiative, will Pino remain firm in his position of NO to the army? The acceptance of militarization by the left can only be explained by loss of memory and shame, right Pablo Gómez?

This week in the Senate, all eyes will define the course, present and future. It is unheard of that the Alliance is in crisis. Unacceptable that the best interest of Mexico and democracy is negotiable. There is an urgent need for consistency between what is said and what is done. Now is when, nothing indicates that the country’s security improves with the military in civilian functions, 16 years show the result. Since when the federal government stopped supporting states and municipalities, they gave up creating a civil National Guard and training and strengthening state and municipal police, so how can there be a reason?

Postscript. – The name begins with the M of Mexico and we want Mexico civil. Without jumps that the ground is even.

Source: Debate

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