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When Corona broke out, many employers had to send their employees to the home office send, whether they wanted to or not. Now, the new trend could be a popular way to save money.

Many people have since returned to their jobs. But with inflation, so could that home office-Obligation to gain weight again?

Home office obligation to save heating costs – can my boss do that?

In many places in Germany, temperatures have fallen below the 20-degree mark for the first time in a long time. One or the other might even consider turning on the heating. However, many will hold back for fear of gas and electricity bills and prefer to snuggle up in blankets.

If you work from home in winter, you should make yourself comfortable and warm. (icon picture) Photo: IMAGO / Panthermedia

Companies and employers also want to save. Heating workspaces on a daily basis and running the electricity costs money. Many a boss might think how good that there is more home office since Corona. But they must not force employees to work from home, as an employment law expert revealed to “Focus”.

You can ask your employer for that

Daniel Hammes says that if the obligation to work from home is not explicitly stipulated in the employment contract or in a company association, then employees do not have to work from home. On the contrary: “Employers have to provide their employees with a workplace and that includes not only work equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, etc., but also the work space as such.”

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However, if the boss and employee agree on working from home in order to save energy costs, then the employee even has special claims: “In this case, the employer must contribute to all costs for setting up the home office; So there are also additional costs for electricity, for the equipment of the home office, etc. “According to the employment law expert, these are usually between 50 and 80 euros, as he explained on “Focus”.

However, if your boss gives you the choice of coming to the office or working from home, then this right lapses.

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