Was there financing for the copitos band?: Oscar Parrilli's hypothesis

oscar parrillisenator of front of allstated that the Justice must investigate the intellectual authors of the attack against Cristina Kirchner, that is, if there were politicians or businessmen who financed the organization. Also, he said that while those journalists who fomented hate will not be imprisoned, they will remain “ideologically” responsible.

“The vice president has been constituted as a complainant. We are with great expectation because she has been able to identify the material authors of the act and everything that colluded and organized in the terrible attack. What all Argentines have the right to know if there were intellectual authorsnamely, if there were politicians, media, businessmen or whatever it was that encouraged or organized this terrible attackParrilli explained in an interview for Radio 10.

«There are some political leaders and some journalists who have already passed sentence and already say that there is no intellectual author. Simply by comparing these pseudo-journalists with what these people who are detained said, you realize that they are the same,” remarked the former head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI).

«I am not saying that it is proven, what I do maintain is that Justice must give us the certainty that it is investigating this hypothesis and that if it finds them, it will punish them with the full weight of the law and if he is not going to give us the certainty that there was not and that it was limited only to this group, ”said the political leader who is part of the circle closest to the vice president.

“It is not the media groups or any political leader who can say whether or not there were intellectual authors of the attack. It is the Justice that must investigate,” Parrilli said and then spoke about the Vialidad case that weighs on Cristina: “If the judges referred to the evidence in the file, the truth would be that there would be no other sanction than total acquittal in this case.” .

Parrilli highlighted Cristina’s vocation for dialogue with the opposition

“Argentines have been consuming in pesos and saving in dollars for many years, and this is a problem that generates this type of speculation. For this reason, this agreement of minimum guidelines has been called and the vice president has demonstrated it by meeting with political leaders and economists who are not part of our bloc. She has always prioritized improving the quality of life for the Argentine people », she concluded.

Source: Elintransigente

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