Victoria Tolosa Paz joined the debate and called to rethink the electoral system

In this framework, the deputy analyzed the situation beyond what is happening in the province of Buenos Aires, the district she represents, but also in other jurisdictions that do not have their electoral calendar adjusted to the national one as if it happens in the Buenos Aires territory.


Full interview with Victoria Tolosa Paz at Feudale Café.

“There are provinces that hold elections and have PASO at the gubernatorial level, general governor, PASO at the presidential level and general election, four elections in six months” he detailed and considered that “There are no chances of building a real agenda if we are in those six months every month and a half in an electoral process.”

In this regard, he analyzed that the problem of the PASOs, in addition to making it difficult for officials and referents to work on a “true agenda” by devoting efforts to the campaign, is that they mean an investment of 20 billion pesos.

“I believe that the Argentine people do require us to take care of the mango,” he asserted and asked himself “Wouldn’t another system be more intelligent to settle candidacies?“. On this level, he argued that “there are many districts that go to the PASO without settling candidacies, that a single ballot goes as if it were a large survey and to put an entire electoral structure for that, what sense does it make?”

For this reason, he showed himself to debate about this and opined that “we have to be open to debate and build a consensus with the opposition that allows you to review, I think we have time and we can do it, for what? to focus on the agenda of truth” he sentenced.

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Victoria Tolosa Paz joined the debate and called to rethink the electoral system

Governors request

“The expenditure of 20 billion pesos is not a minor fact and the weariness generated in the population by having to go four times to vote in a period of six months” the deputy did not maintain either and added “It is not something that the people are celebrating, rather it makes this position angryThey say ‘there is no other way for you to choose who the candidate is, sit down and put together a political platform and with that we go to an election'”.

In addition to its foundations, Tolosa Paz relied on the request of the provincial leaders to establish its position, “Listen to several governors from our political front who are raising it and I think they have built a foothold in their own reality ‘I have elections four times’“He assured that they expressed it to him.

Lastly, he stated that this is the right moment to begin the debate, since it is not an electoral year, and he maintained that a “political agreement” must be reached, since he does not imagine something “unilaterally, but rather a consensus table.” “It is necessary to review if another scheme can be achieved that the expenditure is not of 20 billion pesos nor at the same time there is no obligation to do so if no candidacies are settled,” he concluded.


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