This is the perfect Harvard breakfast: the four foods that we barely eat in Spain

Those tips that are related to the almighty Harvard University are faithfully followed throughout the world and this was not going to be less. In this case it was the doctor Monique Telloa doctor at the Massachusetts General Hospital, director of research and clinical instructor at the Faculty of Medicine of the famous institution, who has wanted to face with scientific evidence one of the great questions regarding healthy eating: what is the perfect breakfast.

In our childhood, the first meal of the day often consisted of a great orange juice that you had to drink soon that the vitamins did not go away -us threatened falsely―, of a glass of milk garnished with sweetened cocoa and an assortment of pastries or processed cereals that varied. Over the years came coffee or tea and toast, but juice has always remained on the menu outlined as the ideal. Ingredients such as avocado have gained many points to accompany bread in recent years.

However, according to Dr. Tello these combinations are not the most recommended if we want to break the night fast well. In this article, he criticizes pastries and other processed foods, as well as the fats from sausages or sausages that are their usual companions, especially in countries with continental breakfasts such as the United States. Point out, yes, that we have known all our lives that we need the calcium from milk, vitamin C and carbohydrates incorrectly choosing the ingredients.

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Forbidden foods for breakfast

“For the cells of our body, a bowl of cereal, a bagela toast or a muffin they are no different than a dessert. Carbohydrates and processed sugars increase blood sugar levels and insulin, which easily carries all that glucose to fat cells and converts it into stored energy or, what is the same, body fat, “says Dr. Tello, adding that “animal fats from bacon, sausage and butter can clog arteries and lead to heart attacks and strokes.

To these foods it also adds the danger of “the salt in cured meats and other processed foods, which causes water retention and increases blood pressure”, which is a fatal combination to promote “weight gain, obesity, high blood high blood and cholesterol. At this point, perhaps Dr. Tello has ruined all these years in which we were convinced of making a good breakfast, and she has also been able to come into play with another variable: the little time available to prepare other things.

Healthy and in a short time

“I am a working mother, I take the train to work. I need something quick, easy and that I can take with me. In addition, it must be cheap and keep me on my feet for several hours,” explains the Harvard professor, making it clear that the perfect breakfast is not at odds with the time it takes to prepare it or with our pocket. With this in mind, she makes a daily bowl of yogurt with fruits, grains, and nuts, adhering to the maxim of eating fruits and/or vegetables, unprocessed whole grains, protein, and healthy fats.

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Neither cereals, nor eggs, nor milk, the foods that must integrate

He assures with irony that “this is not a trend or an opinion hippy“, but responds to the scientific evidencea because fruit makes up the bulk of this breakfast, which also contains fiber and plant sugars in their natural form. The healthy fat of the nuts and the proteins of the yogurt also contribute to the fact that there is not an insulin spike that triggers the sensation of hunger, which does appear sooner with the processed ones, so its option not only provides the necessary nutrients to start the day, but keeps us satiated up to the food.

How do we make the perfect breakfast?

Dr. Tello buys large bags of frozen fruit, such as blueberries or other red fruits, or combined with vegetables or mixed, which are usually cheaper and do not spoil as quickly. She notes that “it is frozen at its peak of freshness, so the quality and vitamin content can be better than fresh fruit“. Choose nuts, seeds or grains always without salt, toasted to enhance their nutrients, or a low-sugar granola. Yogurt should be plain or low in sugar.

Thus, the night before or the morning before leaving home, Tello takes a container and prepares the mixture in a few minutes, without forgetting to include a spoon to drink it on the train. Plus, he advises, “if you want to go one step further and get rid of dairy, you can get a lot of calcium and other vitamins from green leafy vegetables,” he says primarily for people who have decided to regulate their intake of animal-based products. . The truth is that after his advice about breakfast we have run out of excuses.

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