These are the reasons why it is important to use a VPN

For some time now, VPNs have been booming as an essential measure for user protection and privacy. They are becoming more varied, with a greater range of protection and various companies that offer it. However, there are still many people who are unaware of its use and its importance.

Many VPNs are free, but with limitations. Most offer a premium version that gives you all the benefits you need. Whether there are blocked pages in your country, or you want to use a VPN for Netflix to unlock all the content, the reasons are as varied as the benefits and we will tell you about them below.

Mislead your geographic location

The VPN has the function of virtually modifying your geographical location, since your device connects to the VPN server and that is where you are going to be. That is, if you are in any European country like Spain, but you have a VPN with a server in America, such as Argentina, then you can appear to be geographically in the Latin country.

That means that if there are certain restrictions, limitations or blocked pages in your country, the VPN can help you bypass it. The same happens with the Netflix service, there are certain contents available only for certain countries, with a VPN you can access them despite not being there.

file downloads

Internet service providers normally tolerate a certain amount of downloading, depending on the size of the file. However, when these exceed certain limits in order to avoid overload, the traffic and the demand begin to sabotage the connectivity and it is that they can check the moderate use of the service through IP connections.

The VPN creates an additional layer of security where the IP of the equipment cannot be traced, therefore, they cannot interfere with the use that you are giving to the service. That means that you can download all the files you want, regardless of their weight and with the download speed you contracted.

Ease of use

In great difference to the proxy, VPNs are easier to use and configure, they are adaptable to any device, encrypting the entire connection completely. On the other hand, it can be activated and deactivated at any time with great ease. And the costs for memberships and premium fees tend to be reasonable.

Caution with free VPNs

Although they are cheap, they are mostly recommended for testing and learning how it works, since encrypting the connection from your computer or mobile device, to the VPN server, can slow down your connection. This can cause you to experience a lot of latency and limit your download and upload speeds.

That is why it is recommended to evaluate and pay a monthly fee. Paid VPN servers give a certain guarantee of maintaining connection speed. Remember that there is nothing more unpleasant than in the middle of the movie or the chapter of the series to stop just because you have to load the rest.

So you already know…!! Make a small investment so that you can have available all that catalog that Netflix has prepared for you.

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