The recording of the Retiro swinger club, where the Madrid Municipal Police Chief of Guard, Mayor Rodríguez Vacas, had an incident on September 3, shows thatHe came in with his driver and a friend for a drink and not to carry out an inspection. The Internal Affairs Unit of the Municipal Police already has these footage of what happened and is investigating the command.

In the video you can see how the mayor, dressed in civilian clothes, and his companions enter assuring that they want to have a drink at the bar. A minute and a half later, when they ask each person for 50 euros to enter, the police command opens their rionera and takes out the official badge. He identifies himself and says that now he’s going to pass. The owner of the premises already said in his day that the command did not enter to make an inspection and now the recording supports him.

The mayor, on the other hand, defends that he went to inspect the premises because there were neighborhood complaints and that he even reported it to the Municipal Police commissioner on duty. That day, Rodríguez Vacas served as Chief of the Municipal Police Guard throughout Madrid and You will have to wear the official uniform all day. Police unions denounced that a mayor never goes to an inspection and even less when he is Chief of Guard, since the usual thing is to send a patrol from the corresponding District Unit or from another unit. These events occurred three months after Vacas was filed and sanctioned for two serious offenses with two weeks of employment and salary, after having ordered the attendance of four agents in full dress uniform at the funeral of the mother of the chief police commissioner. Municipal, José Luis Morcillo. He was also sanctioned with a week’s employment and salary for serious misconduct. The agents of the Gala Unit who went to the funeral depend on both of them.

The video of the entrance gate starts at 7:40 p.m., although it is actually an hour later because the cameras reflect Greenwich time. Vacas, her chauffeur and a third person enter the swinger club on Vicente Caballero street, in Retiro. At the door, they laugh to the girl at the reception and say they want a drink.. The manager informs them that the ticket is worth 50 euros and that at 10:00 p.m. they have to leave, since from then on only couples and not single men could be in the establishment. Namely, The girl told them that it was not worth it to enter paying that price for such a short time. This produced the anger of the mayor, who then proceeds to identify himself with his badge, as seen in the video that accompanies this information, and immediately demands the presence of the owner, who was not there. Now I can get in, Vacas snapped as he flashed his professional ID. The video lasts three minutes and only includes what happened at the entrance of the premises. There are no recordings of what happens next, at the moment.

The mayor of the Municipal Police began to get very upset when he went to the club, according to witnesses. He asked for the documentation of the place, at that time the owner was not there, and he called several uniformed patrols of the Municipal Police, probably from his Special Services Unit, because of the Retiro district where the couples exchange place is, on that afternoon and night they did not find out about the facts nor did they have proof of such action.

National Police

While the owner arrived, the receptionist’s husband, who is a national police officer and that he was there accompanying his wife, try to mediate the conflict and during the discussion he invited Vacas and his two companions to come in so they wouldn’t be in the hall.

When the person in charge of the premises arrived, the situation worsened even more. The mayor yelled at him and accused him of various illegalities in a very contemptuous tone, repeating that the place was a brothel, according to those present. He also told him that he also had a national security policeman.

The person in charge of the premises gave him the documentation and, as much as he tried to explain the rules to enter and that the papers were in order, he could not calm the mayor, who shouting, he accused the place of being a whorehouse, of having prevented them from entering and blocking the door so that the clients could not leave, according to the witnesses.

Mayor Rodríguez VacasMS

The owner insisted that the door open without problems, and that It was a liberal place for couples. You explain that to your friends, the Reds, Mayor Vacas told him, very grumpy. Given the turn the events were taking, one of the mayor’s two companions, whose identity is unknown until now and his identity is being investigated, left the place.

The owner of the premises understood that I was suffering from coercion and abuse of authority and called 091. A chief inspector from the National Police came and spoke with Vacas to try to smooth over the situation, but the mayor was very vehement and drew up the record for alleged irregularities.

degrading treatment

The person in charge of the premises said that he had never been treated in such a humiliating way and has gone to a law firm to file a complaint against the mayor for coercion, abuse of authority, threats and humiliating treatment. He plans to present it this week. “We have passed dozens of inspections and I had never seen anything like it and in such a contemptuous and aggressive tone,” explained the owner.

The Madrid City Council at first defended the mayor’s actions and assured that an act was drawn up for alleged infractions in the matter of public shows and recreational activities, but according to sources in this newspaper that situation has changed and now There is already a disciplinary file open to the police command Rodríguez Vacas which works in the Municipal Police as mayor at the head of the Special Services Unit (USE).

According to union sources, the uniformed municipal police officers who went to the scene felt violent and they did not understand the anger of his command or the fact that he wanted to lead a documentation and security inspection of the premises. The usual thing in these cases is to carry out the inspection with patrols from the district or from any other unit and not do it directly by the police command.

The intendant, in the center and from the back, next to his ch
The mayor, in the center and from behind, along with his driver and a friend.

According to the same sources, the 24-hour duty quartermaster chief service function throughout the Madrid district is a specially paid job with overtime pay. In addition, there is an order from the body establishing that said service must always be done in uniform, except in exceptional cases, so in this case there could be a breach of the instructions that the quartermaster on duty must comply with. Likewise, going for a drink with the camouflaged police vehicle could involve the use of public means for private ends.

The socialist councilor of the Madrid City Council, Ramn Silva, announced in recent days that he is going to request an explanation from the Security delegate of the Consistory, Inmaculada Sanz, for the actions of Mayor Rodríguez Vacas when he was head of the guard. “We are very concerned about the bad image that is being cast of the behavior of the Municipal Police,” Silva said. “The feeling of impunity that is transferred to the citizenry is absolutely unacceptable. It cannot be that the City Council says that it was a correct action, so we have presented a question in the next Security Commission so that we can be informed of the actions undertaken by the Internal Affairs Unit in relation to these incidents”, explained the socialist mayor. Likewise, in said Security Commission scheduled for this coming Wednesday, all the political parties have several questions on this matter.

From the Department of Internal Affairs The mayor has been summoned to testify and the record drawn up against the premises by Vacas has been requested. They have also verified in the video images that the mayor was indeed in civilian clothes and that it is true that before deciding to carry out the supposed inspection of the premises, he was talking to the girl at the reception desk without identifying himself at any time as a Municipal Police official.

Last week it was also learned that the mayor of the Madrid Municipal Police, José Rodríguez Vacas, was excluded from internal promotion to commissar of the Corps after the complaint made last August by Marta Higueras, who was a councilor of the Mixed Group, for not having the required seniority.

Before the summer, it was also denounced by the Mixed Group that was expelled from the Police Academy for leaking questions to students and it is also in the court of the oppositions of the Municipal Police that have been questioned by unions and political parties.


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