The Biology subject has been reorganized and much of what was previously taught in the third year is now taught in the first year

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The Valencian Community has made a substantial change in its curriculum that causes concern to high school teachers. This region has changed the order of the contents of the subject of biology in 1 and 3 of ESO. Most of what until now was given in 3 will be taught in 1 and a good part of what was taught in 1 will be studied in 3. The problem is that, in the exchange, that knowledge loses depth, according to the union. UGT. In addition, during the transition, the students who are in 2 and 3 this year will be left without learning what has been transferred to the first year. are close to 100,000 students -half of those enrolled in this stage- who are not going to see the human body, transplants, organ donation or vaccines.

UGT has requested a meeting with the Department of Education to ask you to correct an unusual situation and totally contrary to the one followed by the rest of the Autonomous Communities in their curricular developments. The union maintains that changing the order of the contents of Biology causes dangerous dysfunctions and violates the principle of equity in teaching. why?

Because 12-year-old students do not have the level or ability to properly understand the immune system or the nervous system, which since Logse have always been given to 14-year-olds, he says Antonio Almodvar, Biology professor at Xebic public institute of Ondara (Alicante). That leads, warns UGT, to an emptying of content. Much of the knowledge of 3 will now be taught very simplified in 1 of ESO, without continuity in the third year.

The students will study the human body in Primary 6, then they will see it again in ESO 1 and they will stop delving into the rest of the stage. In Baccalaureate, those who continue in this non-compulsory education will only treat it in an elective that is not common to all students. They endanger thousands of scientific vocations, warns another teacher from Valencia. In addition, there will be discrimination between Autonomous Communities, because if a student moves to another region, they will not study those contents, adds Almodvar.

And then there are the Valencian ESO students who, during this course and the next, are affected. Those of 1 darn agenda that will be repeated in 3: it is the least bad thing. But the really affected are those who are now in 2 and 3, because they will not be able to study essential subjects. Which ones?

Sexuality and gender are reinforced

According to the comparison of the state curriculum with the Valencian one, the contents of sexuality and gender, contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases, which will be given in both courses. Only 1 is transferred to the study of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and excretory systems, the relationship and nutrition functions, the endocrine system and the musculoskeletal system, the prevention of injuries, the immune system, vaccines, transplants and donation of organs, infectious and non-infectious diseases… At 3 there are more contents on living beings, geology and sustainability.

In the Conselleria they explain: The decision to transfer the contents of the Biology and Geology curriculum related to the human body to ESO 1 is due to the need to respond to the concerns raised by ESO 1 students, which have led us to consider need to reorder the course now.

In any change in educational laws, a transition occurs, in this case in two courses, in which situations such as those proposed by the union may arise. However, what is important is the exit profile of students in ESO 4. In other words, when the stage is over, the students have achieved the competencies established in the exit profile of the stage. If the center’s Department of Biology and Geology considers that the students doing 3rd year of ESO this year and the next one have not acquired in a consolidated way the exit profile of the stage due to the introduced change, they can and must, in their pedagogical autonomy , establish the strategies that are necessary to achieve it, since all departments have room to expand the curriculum in order to be able to attend to the basic knowledge that, according to Lomloe, students must master by the end of compulsory secondary school, they add.

Lomloe’s laboratory

In other words, the Government leaves it to the institutes to make the adjustments they consider, which is going to be complicated because it will cause a new curricular reorganization so that everyone finishes ESO knowing what the curriculum marks. The Valencian Community is the Lomloe testing laboratory and has not launched the educational reform on the right foot. There is a lot of discomfort among their teachers because such a significant change has been made during the holidays, without giving them time to take action. And the problem with Biology joins the discontent with teaching by areas of knowledge, a methodology that the Generalitat has tried to make mandatory in ESO 1, although finally the Justice has overturned the imposition.

It so happens that Biology is one of the subjects that can be merged with others (for example, Mathematics and Technology). Teachers see in all these changes an interest of the Administration to dilute the subject.

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