The unusual praise of Luis D'Elía to Mauricio Macri: "He is a guy who fights and takes the bank"

Louis D’Elia He was a guest on a television program and, after the host’s editorial about a possible candidacy for Mauricio Macri for the presidential elections of 2023 and the possible dialogue with the vice president Cristina Kirchner, the piquetero leader launched a surprise consideration on the former president. «He is a guy who fights and takes the bank»revealed D’Elía.

Although he made an unexpected exaltation of the figure of the founder of the PRO, D’Elía began his argument about the probable launch of the former president to compete in next year’s PASO with a fierce criticism. «Mauricio Macri always moves with a deep underestimation of our people. It underestimates the Argentine people and constantly operates along those lines. There are places in the suburbs where a picture of Macri makes people run away,” said the piquetero leader in Public Opinion (the nine).

But when asked by the driver Romina Manguel about the reasons why he would appear again, D’Elía distinguished that «He is daring, he is audacious, he is a guy who puts up a fight and who has the courage to face». And he added: «In that I respect him. I do not share a single one of his convictions, but he is a guy who puts up a fight and takes the bank«.

Regarding the chances of succeeding in the elections, D’Elía assured about the former president: “He does not have any”. And regarding the economic direction of the Government, he stated: «All economic variables are doing quite well, except for inflation, which was from a political crisis of ours that I am not going to take up again so as not to open wounds between us. But from that price makers operating for macrismo generated a run and today, instead of being as we were at 3.5% inflation in August, we are at 7%. It was because of our political clumsiness«.

Regarding the actions within the Frente de Todos, the Kirchnerist piquetero leader indicated: «The anger and the resignations opened the way to hell. Now Sergio Massa and Alberto Fernández will have to straighten the car. And that’s where they are. The rest of the economic variables are very good. There is a high level of economic activity, very low unemployment, a GDP growth of 6% per month. All variables except inflation. Inflation has been permanently accompanied by compensatory policies, call it bonds, IFE, joint calls… It has always been about leveling the game».

And finally, D’Elía explained his position regarding the lack of dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition. “This is the country of lawfare. Macri, (Héctor) Magnetto and the United States embassy have captured the judiciary. This judiciary is not independent and the democratic state is not fully in force here,” concluded the Kirchnerist piquetero leader.

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